Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #7 -What is NAPFA 2.4KM truly testing ?

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #7
What is NAPFA 2.4KM truly testing ?
NAPFA tests ; whether it is 1.6KM run , 2.4KM run or 3.2KM run , what are the main things that it's testing you ?
Some may think that it's all about stamina . I agree that stamina is important when you're trying to run a distance that you don't do everyday . This means , you have to train months beforehand ; so that you can do well for the run itself .
However , I feel that the willpower and self-determination is also important . I did my 2.4KM run today ( extended after a long time due to my health ) ; and at first , I admit that I didn't think that I would be able to finish running today .
I haven't been training for probably a month ( OOPS ! ) and I've also been slacking >< This made me worried just now . However , while running ; I realised that it was my willpower that made it difficult .
Running with a weak stamina is one thing ; running with a weak mind is another . After a few rounds ( total of 8 X_X ) , I started to feel the sudden rush of energy taking a toll on my body . I've yet to recover ; or rather I can't . And yet , I pushed my body through completing my 2.4KM .
I told myself that I could do it . I told myself that it's just a few more steps . But , there is a voice inside my head saying , " just stop running and rest for a while , you know you can't take it anymore . " This happens everytime I felt breathless .
Stamina . Willpower . Determination .