Thursday, 11 April 2013

ADVERTORIAL - Cute or what ?

I'mgonnashareaplacetobuycheapyetprettyappparels .
ThatboyisjustsocuteIhadtoputhiminthispost ! This post has nothing to do with that ~
So , the seller I'm sharing today is also my helper :P But , that is NOT the reason why I'm doing this advertorial for her !
She has been selling my items for me for quite a while before I took over again , if you're reading this ; thank you so much babe !
There is nothing that exceeds $15 :O Here are some of the things that she sells :

Photos are credited to their owners !
Ohmygoshsopretty ! OkayLOL . Please note that : She does NOT do meetups ! Postage only :> She is a busybusy girl okay ?
You can look for her on Facebook at : Cheryl BeriShort