Thursday, 15 January 2015

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #36 - Pictures x Words

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #36
Pictures x Words
If a picture paints a thousand words ..



Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #35 - 20 Goals For 2015 !

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #35
20 Goals For 2015 !
1) Prioritise sleep over projects.
2) Exercise at least twice a week, regardless of how busy life can be.
3) Do more of what makes me happy.
4) It's okay to have fun, it's okay to cry.
5) Be who you are, what others think doesn't matter.
6) End each day with a smile.
7) Worry less.
8) Keep true friends, forget about fake ones.
9) Stop doubting yourself.
10) Forgive yourself for being foolish, forget you ever existed.
11) Don't be so hard on yourself.
12) Step out of your comfort zone.
13) Save $1 each day in 2015.
14) Make everyday memorable.
15) Blog at least once a month.
16) It's okay to make mistakes.
17) Less insecurities, more trust.
18) Explore the world (starting from Singapore).
19) Do a good deed twice a month.
20) Start putting yourself before others.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Mini Confessions #22 - Faking Happiness

Mini Confessions #22
Faking Happiness

Lately, it's been feeling as though I'm just faking it all.
The smiles, jokes, laughter..

When somebody says,
"The you I know, wouldn't be like this"
You'll start to think, how much do YOU know about me?
Then, you'll start wondering.. How much do you know about yourself?

All the smiles and laughter, all to hide your pain and tears.
To hide yourself from, you.

When you have had a past that you wish you were wise enough..
Wise enough to leave.
Smart enough to say "No".
Sensible enough to know your limits.
Mature enough to love yourself.

They say,
"Once bitten, twice shy."
But all you know is, you can't control yourself.

You do everything you can to stop yourself but you know you can't.
Because all you wanted was to be happy.
Because all you wanted was to find someone who cares.
Because all you wanted was to understand yourself.
Because all you wanted was to be loved as much as you loved others.
Because all you wanted was to be in somebody's arms.

As time goes by, you'll feel pathetic.
Pathetic enough to think that you need to buy friends.
As time goes by, you'll feel helpless.
Helpless enough to give yourself to anyone.
As time goes by, you'll feel hurt.
Hurt enough to cry yourself to sleep every night.
As time goes by, you'll feel suicidal.
Suicidal enough to wish you were never born.

These scars, these pain will never leave me.
Whatever people do, whatever people say..
I know I can never let it all go.

The solution is .. Faking your own happiness.

Monday, 14 July 2014

ADVERTORIAL - Snow Culture

ADVERTORIAL - Snow Culture
Snow Desserts
Snow Culture just opened on 9th July 2014, in Resorts World Sentosa.
They sell a wide variety of products ranging from Snow Ice to Waffles.
If you're dropping by Sentosa, do remember to take a look at Snow Culture!
I recommend the Snow Ice for you; guaranteed to refresh up your day.
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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #34 - Memories .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #34
Memories .
Photo spam :P


Mini Confession #21 - Imperfections .

Mini Confession #21
Imperfections .
Have you ever search high and low ,
looking for that one person ?
That one person that would love you ,
as much as you do .
That one person that would cherish you ,
more than anything else in the world .

That one person that means the whole world to you ,
and you just want to be part of their world .
That one person who you think about night and day ,
especially when you're falling apart .
That one person who makes your heart pound ,
and gives you butterflies in your stomach .
Has it ever seem that sometimes ,
that person will never feel the same way about you .
Has it ever seem that sometimes ,
that person is right in front of you ; yet you could never express yourself .
It hurts so bad . To be screaming inside yet smiling on the outside . To be fixing everyone else yet breaking your own heart . To be with someone you love yet knowing they may never love you back .
What if , the problem actually lies in me ?
" You're just a replacement for everyone else .
Some easy girl that can be made used of .
Some foolish girl that believes in sweet talks .
You're just a girl that would never be loved .
For who you are .
For what you love .
For where you belong .
You're just a game to others .
Never to be truly loved .
Never to be appreciated .
You're just a girl that will never be loved by the person you love . "