Thursday, 25 April 2013

Mini Confession #6 - Tear Me Apart

Mini Confession #6
Heartbroken .
I confess that .. I'm heartbroken .
Not in terms of relationship , in terms of handling a blogshop .
I've been handling blogshops for 4 years already , this is the 5th year . And , there are many UPs and DOWNs handling them . Today , I fell apart , again .
If you have ever bought from me / sold things to me , you would probably think that I'm some very " random " , " cute " and " kind " girl ( quoted from what other blogshops said ) . However , it has its cons too .
I know to many people , I may seem very kind . Let me give you an example . I've seen a blogshop posting a status update on Facebook of something similar to this :

" I bought the BNIP item at $20 , you want to buy it for $5 ? Nobody would give you this much discount even if you're a regular customer . "
Nobody but me .
I've sold many things that are worth $20 ~ $30 at only $5 ~ $10 , even though most are BNIP . However , some people think that because of this , it's easy to climb onto my head .
Here are some reasons that I am this " kind " to people :
- Good customer-seller relations
I want to establish this relation with all customers / sellers . I want to talk to a new customer like a regular customer , and joke with regular customers like I would joke with my friends . These relations would bring about many hidden benefits , such as having another friend , someone to relate to , and even get more discounts and free gifts .
- Treat others the way you want to be treated
I admit I have had many encounters with customers / sellers with bad attitude , and I've given a fair share to some customers as well . I apologise as I know I can get very emotional and become a emotional wreck sometimes . But , I will NEVER do it on purpose . Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of attitude problems , and I won't want to give it to anyone too .
- Respect
Customers are also to be respected ; it's not their money that we as blogshop owners are after . All I actually want is mostly good relations . I want to make friends with customers / sellers and not have unhappy encounters .
- Not to let history repeat itself
If you don't know , I was actually a really mean blogshop owner before . No discounts , no negotiations , no trades . What did that bring me ? No customers . I decided to change over time , and maybe I'm just too kind right now .
- Soft-hearted
I'm born a soft-hearted person . If you say you are cash tight , I will give you discounts / try to accommodate to your needs so that you can still get the items you want from me even in a financial situation . I would rather I make losses than for a customer to leave disappointed .
I'll get really happy when I receive letters / notes / simple compliments from customers / sellers . They may seem like simple words to you , but they mean a lot to blogshop owners that went through a lot . If you just put a smiley behind every reply , or say a simple " thank-you " , it's good enough for me .
My heart was broken when I saw a customer of mine post this after some misunderstandings :
" I always thought that you were one of the best blogshops I have ever shopped from . "
Maybe it wasn't aimed at me . However , it still hurt . Because there were some sort of misunderstandings just now and it was somehow a decision of who to be blamed .
I do not like to argue with people . I don't find trouble for nothing and I always want my customers to be happy . But , I can't keep everyone happy cause someone would be upset in the end . I would rather admit that I'm at fault , than to just continue arguing cause arguments doesn't lead anywhere other than conflicts .
I know it seems silly , but I cried because of this . I've always thought I was doing my best to keep my customers happy . Maybe , my best is not good enough .
I really wish someday , people would be able to see what I really mean from my heart . Someday , someone would understand me .. I'm happy to meet many of my blogshop friends . Somehow , we've became like best friends , and sharing our weal , woe and even rants with each other . I'm thankful for all these people , I'm thankful that they're in my life .