Friday, 5 April 2013


This is the blog of GERWYN ANG .

No , I DON'T aspire to become the next Naomi Neo / XiaXue etcetc .
This blog is just for my RANTS , and maybe some ADVERTORIALS if anyone ever asks / there are blogshops that I feel I should share .

You can expect a lot of RANTS from me ; long grandmother stories . I will also be adding some ADVERTORIALS ( not sponsored / asked , just by my own freewill ) so that you can have some places to find new loots :D

No individual can have the whole world to like them . I've had many blogs before , and deleted due to some haters' comments . Hence , there will NOT be a chatbox / tagboard in this blog . There will bound to be haters , but I guess I shouldn't mind them .

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