Friday, 26 April 2013

Precious Friendship , Beautiful Memories - Girl Next Door

Chang Yen Kee - The Girl Next Door
I thank you , from the bottom of my heart .
If you are reading this ; I'm sorry for ripping your photos from your profile XD And also , excuse me for the unglam photos below ( I'm more unglam than you though :< ) !
Ohmygosh ! Hahahaha :X
I want to thank you for so many reasons , I can't list them all ; but I guess you would understand ! I'm sorry , because I don't remember how we became friends in the first place ; but I remember how our friendship progressed XD
Thank you .. for accompanying me for A Math !
I know , I'm like some crazy girl that wants to stay back on a Friday just to go for consultation for a subject I wanted to drop before . Also , I know you would mostly be thinking about going home as well , but thankyou for accompanying me !
Thank you .. for your listening ear !
Maybe , I've probably been ranting .. A LOT , to you . Thankyou for listening to my rants , and also giving me the words of encouragement ! I know I rant a lot , but it's also nice to share rants to people that can relate to ! I've probably explained to you somehow , that I don't really have anyone to rant to ; and sorry for ranting almost everyday to you ><
Thank you .. for going to places with me !
That sounds .. weird . Haha >< What I mean is , thankyou for going to blogshop meetups / the post office with me , and also to places to SHOP :> I know sometimes , our indecisiveness has became an obstacle on deciding where we want to go ; but I want to thankyou for being willing to go do my blogshop stuff with me !
Maybe our friendship would last after we graduate , maybe we would go to the same school . But promise me , let's have fun preparing for Prom / Graduation Night ; and let's do things after O' Levels that we have always been saying since the start of this year . Maybe we may quarrel ( very unlikely ) through the remaining months ; and maybe our friendship would take a turn for better or for worse . But , know that you're one of my best friends , and I love you ( as a friend of course :P ) !