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Mini Confession #18 - Wake Up .

Mini Confession #18
Wake Up .

This post would be split into 2 parts : the recent PSLE as well as a wake up call for myself .
As I'm only taking my O levels this year ( in 20 days to be exact ) , I can't tell you life after Os . But , I can share with you life after Primary 6 Leaving Examinations ( PSLE ) .

Firstly , few days ago ( or was it yesterday .. ? ) , there has been many P6 students on Facebook commenting that the Mathematics Examination was easy . Shortly after , many people were commenting about the attitudes of the P6 students etc .

Part 1 : For students taking the PSLE / going to take PSLE ..
WAKE UP . I'm not sure whether Math is the first / last paper , but that doesn't mean that the rest of the papers would be easy . In fact , if it is easy , you should be even more worried . For examinations , there is a thing called STANDARDIZATION . If the whole cohort did really well , they will start looking into the small details . Recent news has also introduced the " Bell Curve " and also the " upgrade " of the grading system . That " A " will never be as easy anymore . To add on , Math is NOT the only subject that will affect your aggregrate score . Schools would probably raise their standards , and then you'll find yourself falling into another stream from the one you wanted .

After PSLE , no matter what grades you get , please start working hard FROM SECONDARY 1 . I know , it may seem as though O Levels is like 3 years down . But , you really need a strong foundation to be surviving in Secondary 3 & 4 . Life will only get harder .

Part 2 : For myself ..
Okay , this may be a little awkward to type to myself ; but I realised I have to wake up too .
So close yet so far , that is how O level is to me now . 20 days , it can be like " OMG SO LONG " or even " OMG , I'm left with 20 days ? "

Today will be the LAST DAY ( probably till 11/11/2013 ) that I'm blogging / doing things at my freewill . From tomorrow onwards , I'll be following a " secret training " schedule that I should have started long ago . I have a basic foundation of some knowledge , so I need to work on all my weak areas . Deep inside , I'm shaking because I'm scared my hard work will go to waste . However , I guess that everything would be over after that .

As for life after O Levels , I have SO MUCH to do . But the most important to me would be 18 November .. Because I'll bring my boyfriend to our own prom date :> Prom may be better with friends , but my own boy wouldn't be there ; and I see no point in going to prom anymore ..

HWAITING ! I know you can do it .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #31 - Passing Judgments .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #31
Passing Judgments .
This blog post is a reminder to everyone , including me , to STOP PASSING JUDGMENTS .

Everyone in this world WILL be hurt by words .
Be it from your parents / teachers / friends / enemies / haters / family .
If you're not tired of saying it , I'm tired of hearing it .

I honestly don't care whether you're rich .
I honestly don't care whether you're pretty outside .
If you don't have a kind heart , your looks mean NOTHING .

Do you know that your words are making someone hurt ?
Do you know that your words are making someone starve themselves ?
Do you know that your words are making someone feel helpless ?
Do you know that your words are making someone suicidal ?

I've been through those times .
And thankfully , I'm nowhere near any eating disorder .
People used to call me fat & ugly .
I wasn't able to take it .
I made myself starve .
I made myself thinner .
I wasn't happy , not being able to eat the food I needed .
I told myself " PEOPLE DON'T LIKE YOU . "

Rumours about my boyfriend & I started .
They made me feel like cutting .
They were mean .
I didn't understand what I did wrong .
I didn't know what I had to do to make people stop .

My brain said " Let go of your life , you'll be happier when you're gone . "
" Let them bear the guilt of pushing you too far . "

I knew I couldn't give in .
I tried to suicide .
But I thought about my boyfriend .
I thought about my family .
I thought about my life .

I will never be able to know what life would be like if I had anorexia or bulimia .
But , I know what life is like with IBS .
I know what life is like with Bipolar Disorder .
I know what life is like with blood deficiency .

Life is not easy .
And it doesn't help if you choose to keep hurting people with your words .
Many girls are starving themselves & dieting .
Many teens are cutting themselves .
Many people are drowning in cigarettes & drugs .

Please , take it that I'm begging you .
Stop this .
Stop judging people before you judge yourself .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #30 - If the world ended .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #30
If the world ended .
Have you ever wondered ..
What if the world ended in 2012 ?
I would have wasted my whole life in school .
I would have died alone because my boyfriend wasn't by my side .
I would have died thinking I studied for nothing .
I wouldn't have to go through O Levels .
I wouldn't be able to get married .
I wouldn't be able to start Project : Share the LOVE .
I wouldn't have my prom date .
I wouldn't have the memories I have now .
Would you be happy with your life ?
Would you be upset that your life ended ?
Would you be scared at the time that you died ?
Would you be sad that you wouldn't know your future ?
Would you be glad that certain things wouldn't happen ?
Where would you be heading to ?
Where would your "afterlife" be ?
I admit that I'm timid .
I'm scared to see the world end .
I don't want to die in pain .

Mini Confessions #17 - Decisions x Fate .

Mini Confessions #17
Decisions x Fate .
Have you ever wondered whether there's a thing called fate ?
Or , how your decisions affected your life ?
Ever thought that they may be linked ?
I was thinking about this with my friend just now .
And , I decided to share my views with everyone here .
Reflect .
Think about the decisions in your life .
Maybe to start of , think about the major ones .
The primary school you chose .
The secondary school you chose .
The people you chose to be friends with .
The people you think are " bad " .
Let's say you went to Primary School A .
What if you went to Primary School B ?
You wouldn't have the same friends , teachers , peers .
Would you still be who you are ?
What if from there , you went to Seondary School B instead of A ?
Would things be the same ?
How about your results ?
Are you " classified " as a Geek?
How about .. Chic ?
Goth ? Brainiac ? Stylish ? Popular ? Outcast ?
Would life be different if you chose a different decision ?
Life is full of decisions .
These decisions shape your life .
Whether you like it or not , it's like a domino .
They fall one after another .
Event A -> Event B -> Event C and so on .
The people you chose to hang out with .
Do you remember how you met ?
Do you know everything about them ?
Did you choose to believe what people tell you ?
Life is full of decisions .
Life is full of " What If " .
Life is full of surprises .
Decision x Fate , think .
Why are you alive ?
Why are you born ?
I'm not asking you to question your parents why they had you .
I'm asking you to find the reason that you're living .
Once you do , live on .
If you feel that you're alive to change people's lives , do it .
Make the difference .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #29 - Who Says .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #29
Who Says .

" Who Says " ( not Selena Gomez's song , I meant this post ) is somewhat " dedicated " to my relationship with my boyfriend . Okay , maybe people who don't know me may think I focus a lot on my relationship with him . However , I do spend time with my friends too & try to keep them included in my life !

Who says .. what ?
Basically , I've been reading some statements & opinions made by others regarding relationships and how " things are supposed to be " . Thus , I'm here to share about my " special " relationship :>

Judge all you want , this is MY story .
Okay so , I honestly have no idea what to write . Oh well , let me spill out everything I can :P
As of 27th September ( today , LOL ) , I'm 16 years-old while my boyfriend is 24 . Before you all go " Oh , they are not together for any-good-reason . " , we're doing FINE .

In fact , we're planning ahead of time ( NOT working well , ohmy ) . I'll let you know a little secret .. My boyfriend has the approval of BOTH his parents ( mother & father ) to marry me :> Haha , ohmy ; don't judge me okay . We even have discussions about our future children , marriage , house , wedding , life .. and we're saving up for the future ( more like he is , I'm just .. trying MY BEST to stay away from temptations ) together .

Skip your old-grandmother story , what's your main point ?
I think I'm like .. as talkative as some old-grandmother . Oh well , my main point is ; not all relationships are the same . Thus , I'll share some points that are different from other relationships ( I'll type as much as I can think of ; my posts are getting more random , but I guess it's more interactive ? ) .

USUAL : Boy surprises girl > girl surprises boy .
Some people think that , the boy is supposed to think of many ways to surprise & " fawn " the girl .

Gerwyn's : We both try to surprise each other .
I think of different ways to surprise my boyfriend every monthsary / birthday / valentine's / christmas .. I feel that it's my way of saying " Hey , I love you ; and this may not be something lavish , but it's my thought and effort . " I like to see that " sparkle " in his eyes , somehow telling me that he loves me more and more . For instance , I made a video with 100 reasons why I love him recently . Similarly , he thinks of many ways to try to keep me happy ; especially when I'm upset / sick . For example , recently , he came all the way to my house from work & brewed herbal tea ( those instant ones from TCM shops , but who cares ? ) for me because I was having dust allergies which almost made me catch the flu . He also bought an inspired-Craftholic bunny for me ( it's name is Pufflebunny . ) It's 27th September , but I'm already preparing his monthsary presents for October & November . TEEHEE .

USUAL : Boy fetches girl from school / work > girl fetches boy from school / work .
Some people think that boys are supposed to treat their girl like the princess and send / fetch them to / from school / work .

Gerwyn's : I fetch my boyfriend to / from work more than he does the same to me .
My boyfriend starts work at 11am , and ends around 8.45pm . For me , I start school at 7.20am , and end around 6pm . Thus , it doesn't make much of a sense for my tired boyfriend to travel to my house ( 1 hour from his place ) just to send me to school in the morning . Also , it's impossible for him to fetch me from school since he ends work later than I end . However , he does fetch me from school ( imagine me going-all-psycho ) once in a while , and I'll be really hyper that day . Thus , on the weekends , I try my best to drag my tired body ( I get tired too alright ? X_X ) to his house in the morning ; and then accompany him to work . In general , I would also fetch him from work at night ; whenever time permits . I used to be really clingy ( ohmygosh ) , but I'm no longer that " irritating " . As my curfew is at 11.30pm ( okay , I've been exceeding that A LOT recently ) , I'll have to leave Bugis by .. maybe 10pm ? So , that leaves us with slightly more than an hour to eat & spend time with each other . Sometimes , he sends me home ( awwwww ) ; but most of the time , I'll ask him to go home to rest because he has work everyday ( since I normally fetch him on weekends / school breaks = no school next day ) so that he has enough sleep .

USUAL : Boy pays for everything .
Be it meals / presents etc , normally the boy is expected to pay .

Gerwyn's : We take turns to pay , but I find myself taking more money out .
I HAVE TO EXPLAIN . Firstly , my boyfriend is NOT a gold digger . The reason I'm " taking more money out " is because my boyfriend keeps his money with me ( I'm like the .. secretary / ATM ) for safekeeping ( OOPS , not that safe ) and to ensure he doesn't spend too much . I'm in charge of the bills ( I mean , things that we buy ; not the phone / utility bills , I'm not that free ) and also keeping it safe .

Also , I have the tendency to splurge on people that I love . Be it family / friends , I'll like to get everything I can for them as long as I know what they like . For example , I would buy a whole set of Hello Kitty for a friend & wouldn't mind spending a lot ( don't be my friend just for this alright ? I barely do this already ) . Recently , I bought a top & jeans from Recoil ( OMG $87.90 for just those two items ) for my boyfriend . He looks STUNNING in it , oh well ! I have my hot boyfriend :X Haha , and I'm practically bankrupt .

USUAL : Boy listens to girl > girl listens to boy .
People usually think this is how a relationship will work out ; until they realise the boy gets tired of following everything the girl wants .

Gerwyn's : We listen to each other .
In the past , whenever we quarrelled , we would have " LET'S BREAK UP " hanging by our mouths . True enough , we broke several times before . However , we learnt to listen to what each other wanted . We both give in to each other and understood the different mindsets we have .

For now , whenever we get upset , we'll just let each other cool down . The next day , we would apologise to each other ; and settle everything with a hug ( I just love hugs so much ) . No , it doesn't break us ; it keeps us holding on , and growing stronger . Try breaking us ? Too bad , those days have gone .

I think you get my point ?
If you're in a relationship , find ways to surprise each other . Form more bonds with each other , think whether he / she is the one for you . If he / she is , hold on tight & promise yourself you'll never let go .

If you're still single , hey , God is keeping someone special for you . Go find him / her . Maybe you failed many times before , but always remember .. He / she is looking for you too ! If you give up , you'll never find him / her .

Don't get me wrong , I love my boyfriend for everything he is & everything he has done for us . I'm just trying to say that THE GUY DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THE ONE DOING EVERYTHING .

Inspire Me #4 - Curtis Stone

Inspire Me #4
Curtis Stone .

The main reason that I'm blogging about him is because I feel that he has a quality that we should all have .. being humble .

Who is Curtis Stone ?
Long story short , he is an Australian celebrity chef that has starred in many TV shows & has many culinary awards .

Why should he be the " role model " for being humble ?
Although Curtis has many culinary awards , he doesn't show-off or be over-proud ( is there such a word ? ) about it . He doesn't brag or act super surprised about it . He has TV shows such as " Take Home Chef " where he offers to cook for ordinary people & their families . I mean , he's like a .. " Top Chef " but he doesn't do anything to piss anyone off . He accepts his awards humble-ly ( again , is this a word ? ) .

This will be a short blog post , but what I'm just trying to say .. Don't brag because you do well in something . Don't be overly-dramatic and do things like " OMG , I THOUGHT I'LL FAIL . " etc . I used to do things like " OMG , I DIDN'T STUDY . " but now I realised it's really irritating . So , let's make the world a better place by being humble :3

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #28 - Stronger .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #28
Stronger .
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger .
Maybe I bit more than I could chew  ; Life seems like a blur to me right now .
Yes , I'm not in some third-world country suffering with no food / shelter .
I'm not someone who lost my parents or anything .
But , I guess this is somewhat the problems of a first-world country ?

When you feel weak , be strong .
When you feel scared , be brave .
When you feel victorious , be humble .
That's the way , to be strong & victorious .

Don't let someone get you down .
Words can hurt , I know .
Don't let those words hurt you too deep .
Use them to push yourself harder to do even better .

Every morning , you'll probably laze around like me .
Saying " I can't get up . "

Find someone who inspires you .
Don't aspire to be like them .
Be inspired to do better than they do .
When things threaten to destroy you ,
give it the death stare .
" It's either you , or me " .
Don't let it be you .
Kill that problem , you'll survive .

There may be times where you'll think ..
I can't do it .
I'm not strong enough .
Challenge yourself everyday .

There are things in life ,
that may tend to get you in a dilemma .
Forget the choice that you want .
Choose the one that you deserve .
The irony of all these ..
I'm saying them , but I'm not putting words into action .
I'm crushed .
Tired .
Frustrated .
Stressed .
Defeated .
I promise I'll pull myself up from this bottomless pit .
Promise me that you'll keep hanging on too .


Sunday, 22 September 2013

Project : Share the LOVE - Items Update #1

Project : Share the LOVE
Items Update #1
Two blogshop owners passed me their items for Project : Share the LOVE .
I'm really grateful for them in taking the time to pack the items ( or squeeze >< ) into plastic bags :)
So , Project : Share the LOVE officially starts in Mid November ; but I've collected from them now as they were doing " Spring Cleaning " and wanted to clear the items ASAP .

From Owner A , above
( Prefers to be anonymous )

From friends of Owner B , above

Items have been packed into 4 bags . I'm waiting for MORE apparels to come in before I wash them all as a whole . After wash , they will then be packed into individual plastics .
As for now , I'm only having responses for clothes . If possible , I'll like to appeal to everyone reading this for items such as pet food & food items .
Food Bank has replied me ; and they would be joining in as well . Thus , I'll appreciate it a lot if you can donate some non-perishable food items :)

Friday, 20 September 2013

Project : Share the LOVE - Preparations & Expenses

Project : Share the LOVE
Preparations & Expenses

In this post :
- I'll be updating the preparations done so far .
- I'll be sharing the expenses incurred for now .
- I'll be sharing a confirmed organisation that is joining us .
- I'll be sharing the plans ahead .

100 pieces of Plastic , $8.80
- will be used to individually pack the apparel for donation / sale -

120 pieces of Label Sticker , $10
- used to paste at the bottom right corner of each plastic , to add a label -
74 pieces of cards , $15
- will be distributed / added into items for sale to raise awareness -

56 pieces of cards , $2.70
- will be distributed / added into items for sale to raise awareness -
Receipt of proof for the above transaction of $2.70

Postage cost incurred : $5.25
TOTAL EXPENSES TO DATE , 20/9/2013 : $41.75
130 pieces of cards has been cut apart .

Labels have been pasted on all 100 pieces of plastic .
Action for Singapore Dogs ( ASD ) has been confirmed as a beneficiary of Project : Share the LOVE . Flyers ( picture above ) will be arranged to be printed by this weekend .

I will be going ahead with the printing of the flyers for ASD as above . After which , I hope to receive the replies of the other organisations and print their flyers as well . In addition , I'll be collecting some items that people want to donate from tomorrow , and then sort them out according to each organisation's needs . Those that are unaccepted will be sold & proceeds will be donated to the following organisations . 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Project : Share the LOVE - Labels & Organisations .

Project : Share the LOVE
Labels & Organisations .
I've decided to make a section just for the project .
I'll be updating the details regarding the project ; and you can see the progress of this project .
In order to make the items more presentable & better represent this project , I've placed orders for label stickers from Burntelbows Oh & bought plastics from SKP .
These labels & cards ( at the back ) are by Burntelbows Oh and they look so pretty . The one with bears are for the project ; while the other sheet is for my blogshop . For the cards , I'm planning to either slot them in mailboxes / give them to my customers . For the labels , they will be pasted on the individual plastics / items for the project .
Secondly , organisations . I know it would be pointless for this project if there are no organisations to help . Through the past 3 days , I've searched for organisations that we can help , and I've shortlisted the following :
1) Action for Singapore Dogs ( ASD )
2) Save our Street Dogs ( SOSD )
3) Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( SPCA )
4) Blessings in a Bag
5) Food Bank
6) Food from the Heart
7) Cotton Care
8) Salvation Army
I've contacted these organisations last night , still awaiting their reply . I've chosen these organisations as they are not really " well-known " in the sense that , people may not know about the existence of these organisations . For SPCA & Salvation Army , they are somewhat like a " back-up " in case of extra items that the other organisations would not accept .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #27 - Day 1338 !

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #27
Day 1338 !
17th September 2013 ; our 1338th day together .
3 Years & 8 Months , since the day I first saw you in your army suit .
Anyways , other than spending time with my boyfriend yesterday , I spent time with my friend too :>
I'm here to share things that happened yesterday ; and the food & things I bought T.T
So , I met my friend at 12.30pm @ Jurong East MRT .
We made our way to Vivocity , for our .. FRANK card !
Now that I've signed for my card , I shall share with you that they are having a BUDDY PROMOTION !
If you sign for the FRANK card with your friend , you can choose a FREE DESIGN from 120 different styles ! These designs are actually paid , which means ; without the promotion , you have to pay for them . They range from $10 ~ $20 , and it's better to get a $20 design since it's free . For me , I chose my SEXEH CARD .

OMG , so sexy right . It'll be so much better spending with this card . Anyways , you can find out more about the promotion below ~
After which , I accompanied my friend to Sheng Ji to eat her lunch .
I didn't eat there , hence no pictures , because I want to keep my stomach for .. MAGNUM .

Venice in a Jar - Magnum Singapore , Vivocity
Why did I choose that over everything else ? Rum .
The jar consists of rum-infused sponge cake & chocolate cream . OMG , it was such a .. guilty pleasure . This cost $15? Inclusive of GST & Service charge .
Then , we made our way to Bugis !
HEHE , OMG , I just had to spend .
Anyways , I bought the following items while I was with my friend ..

Cutout Padded Top , Bugis Street , $20

Coral Pink Jeans , Bugis Street , $15
I'm such a good girl . I know . I only bought these 2 T.T Okay so , dinner time ! We went for Astons ( like finally ) for our dinner . And we're really satisfied by their service & prices !

Astons , Hickory BBQ Chicken & 2-sides , $8.90
OMG , are you serious ?
We were staring at the menu and they wrote " Menu consists of 2 side dishes " .
This plate was $8.90 , with 2 sides that you can choose from a range of different choices .
I've chose coleslaw & mash potato , and ohmy , I love them .
After which , I fetched my boyfriend from work ~
My boyfriend wanted to buy a dog tag necklace ( I wanted to buy one for him from 77th Street for our monthsary, but they don't do engraving T.T ) from the retail stores in Bugis Street . Anyways , it was a " 3 for $10 " kind-of-thing , so ..
The robot is so cute , and the badge was just .. so pretty . After which , we went to Astons again for his dinner X_X No , I didn't eat ; just had mushroom soup ^^ Gave my boyfriend a treat since he deserved it :D
Then , I went to get something that I contemplated all day . It has such a pretty cutting that I can't resist . The item was this denim jacket ..
Denim Jacket , Bugis Street , $15
I then had to rush home , and reached at 11.30pm . Was a little earlier than I expected to reach home ; but I didn't regret yesterday because I enjoyed myself with my friend & boyfriend .
Let me end this post with a photo of me wearing the cutout padded top above , because it's so cool .
Okay so , I had to match it with my choir gown's skirt , because the top was mad short . This looks pass-able though ! Looks like a prom dress ; haha . No way am I wearing any long dresses to prom . No way am I even going to prom .

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Giving Back #3 - Project : Share The LOVE

Giving Back #3
Project : Share the LOVE
This is a project that I'm thinking to start up AFTER O LEVELS . However , I'm posting up the details here so that interested participants can prepare their items before hand ! I hope you'll help out , and spread this to your friends so that they can contribute too :>
What is Project : Share the LOVE ?
The name was suggested by Piccolo Volpino . It's a small project that will be initiated after I end my O levels this year . Basically , it's inspired by the fact that people ( especially in the blogshop industry ) have items / stock that they want to clear , but don't know how to . At the same time , people may want to do their part to contribute back to the society . Thus , I'll like to make this project slightly bigger , appealing to all the people in the blogshop industry .
How would Project : Share the LOVE help society ?
ALL the items donated to this project will be collected , categorised & given to the organisations in Singapore that are in need of these items . For items that can't be cleared , they will be placed online in my Facebook to be given away to the general public .
How can I help Project : Share the LOVE ?
As much as I would like to help them financially , I will NOT be accepting any cash donations for them . However , you can Google their website and contact them personally for cash donations . Under Project : Share the LOVE , I'll be collecting donations-in-kind . I'll like to appeal to you to share this blog post to people around you . If you're a blogshop owner / someone who has items to donate , please feel free to join me !
Alternatively , I would also need people to help me in the following :
- 3 admins to take care of the other groups of people ( I'll be taking one group & choosing the other Admins )
- Helpers to collect the items & pass them to the admins / anything else the admins may need
What kind of items will be collected under Project : Share the LOVE ?
I don't want to focus on one particular group of people in the society , hence , I've decided to help the following groups of people who I feel that I can reach out better to . The items in each group are just examples . You can contact me in Facebook ( Gerwyn's Sevenths ) if you have items to donate that are not listed below .
Baby / Child : Diapers , Milk Powder , Clothes , Shoes , Toys , Educational Books
Teens : Clothes , Books
Elderly : Canned food , instant noodles , coffee powder , biscuits . 
Pets : Food ONLY
How do I pass the items that I want to donate for Project : Share the LOVE ?
When the time is nearer , I'll be getting some friends to help me do the collection . As my house has limited space as well , I may need some people to help me keep the items as well . I'll be getting help from people in all parts of Singapore , so that we can garner the help of Singapore as a whole . As there are 4 groups of people that I'll like to help , I'll probably need 3 other main admins to help me .
I decided to help Project : Share the LOVE , how do I tell you ?
If you've decided that you'll want to DONATE your items , please follow the steps below .
1) Sort the items into categories ( Baby/Child , Teens , Elderly , Pets ) and pack them into plastic bags .
2) Ensure that all food items & products ( if any ) have NOT expired .
3) Submit the following format to me in FACEBOOK , please fill this in & PM me .
Real Name :
Contact Number :
Residential Area ( nearest MRT ) :
Category ( which group of people does your items go to ) :
Description ( generally describe the items eg. Clothes ) :
Comments / Remarks ( if any ) : 

If you've decided that you'll want to HELP ME in Project : Share the LOVE , please fill in the following and submit to me in FACEBOOK via PM :
Real Name :
Contact Number :
Residential Area ( nearest MRT ) :
Position ( Admin / Helper ) :
Do note that it's preferably that you'll be having your holidays between November ~ February / March ( basically , maybe Secondary 4 students that are going for Polytechnic ) so that there is enough time to do everything properly for this project to be a success .
Who will benefit from Project : Share the LOVE ?
I will be contacting various organisations from today onwards , and I'll update the details of these beneficiaries . However , do rest assured that I will not be getting any benefit from this .
I have questions to ask , how do I contact you ?
Although I've allowed comments in this blog , I've been having Anonymous comments to undergo moderation . Thus , please send me a PM on FACEBOOK at!/Jena.Hate.You . As I'm looking to make this into a successful project , please DO NOT ask me silly / random / obvious questions .
I've sent in my PM to you , what do I do now ?
For people who wants to donate , I'll get back to you soon ! Please kindly help me to set aside the items you'll like to donate , and also ensure that they are in good condition , clean & have NOT expired . For people who wants to help me out , I'll get back to you soon too ! Please note that I'll be appointing admins based on my decision , and please don't get mad at me if you're not one ! I'll be getting help from all over Singapore , so I'll need co-operative helpers & admins .
I'm a blogshop owner , can I donate my stock to you ?
As long as they are on the lists above , I wouldn't mind !
Thank you for taking the time to read through this post , I hope that I'll hear from you soon !