Monday, 22 April 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #4 - How I slimmed down .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #4
How I slimmed down .
I've recently posted a photo on Facebook , and because I've been frequently posting up my photos ; people started asking me how did I slim down . Therefore , this post is to answer you !
This is NOT the ultimate best way to slim down . In fact , the main goal is NOT to slim down ; but to keep healthy . I'll explain further .  
First of all , I have to declare once again that ..
I have a MEDICAL CONDITION that makes my TUMMY AREA look bigger than it is csupposed to . Therefore , it may be easier for me to shed them off , since they aren't supposed to be there in the first place .
Secondly , DO NOT starve yourself . Skipping your meals IS NOT the way to slim down . In fact , it does the opposite .
Thirdly , I DID NOT put losing weight / slimming down as my main goal . My health condition was quite bad , so I decided to change my lifestyle to be HEALTHIER .
Having said that , if you are looking to slim down / lose weight , DO NOT put losing kilos / looking slimmer as your main goal . You should probably aim to keep fit / get healthier .
Start of this year ( during the height and weight taking ) , I'm 61kg , 157cm . I SHRUNK BY 1CM . Okay, not the point . 61kg , and I was really upset with myself . While posting this sentence you are reading right now , I went to the weighing scale ; 57 ~ 58kg . Yes , 3 ~ 4 kg is not a lot . And , I don't really know whether my weighing scale is accurate ( it tallies with my school's weighing scale previously during height and weight + my mum says it is >< ) . Still , not my point .
For the people that actually KNEW me in Primary School , they know that I was some chubby china-looking ( no offence to anyone ! ) doll with super high-up bangs . Don't believe me ?
Top left ; 2009 .
I was shocked to know I actually looked that way X_X
All I ever wore last time was my PE attire , everyday , everywhere .
But now , I wear bralets / bustiers , or according to my friends " anything sexy "
I've gained my confidence , and it pushed me further , cause I want to look good .

 21 April 2013 ; yesterday .
How did I do it ?
1. Don't target weight loss at any specific area .
Perhaps you want your tummy fats gone , or your thighs / arms . DO NOT only do exercises on that particular area . Your body doesn't work that way ; do exercises from top to toe .
2. Start exercising .
I'm lazy . Veryveryvery lazy . But , I wake up at 8am every Sunday morning ( except for these weeks when I'm too lazy / sick , I confess ! ) to go for a morning jog / exercise . I would normally use only 1 hour ( I'm lazy , once again ) , and just jog around my neighbourhood ( only one particular route rather ! ) for 2 rounds . Of course , jogging alone is too boring . So , I have my music to accompany me . Jogging is a good exercise if you want your tummy to be flattened . It doesn't seem like much , but doing situps / crunches alone wouldn't help .
After running two rounds , I would go to the fitness corner and use the equipment . In my neighbourhood , Sunday mornings around 8.30am do not have much people using the fitness corner . However , people would stare of course , but don't mind them . Think about your goal . I would hog onto the " running " equipment for 15 minutes , then use the pullups and other equipment until 9am .
After using the fitness corner equipment , I would return home and .. do more exercises . This time , situps + crunches + pushups + thigh exercises + leg raises . Thigh exercises are known to help slim your inner thighs :O I can't seem to find the video , but I'll roughly describe it later !
Starving yourself WILL NOT cause you to get slimmer . It will just cause gastric problems .
4. Eat healthily .
As ironic as it may seem , eating healthily is the most important thing , coupled with exercise . For the past few months ( since September 2012 ) , I've stayed away from fast food and soft drinks . Macdonalds , KFC , GongCha , KOI etcetc ; nonononono !
I admit that I ate stuff like Manhattan , Swensens and all ; but I choose the cheaper and healthier alternatives . Even for desserts there , it would be with fresh fruits . Also , I'm not saying you can't eat anything " bad " . Occasional indulges are alright , for example , I had some roti prata >< However , things like Macdonalds and KFC are just big NONO .
You should aim to have a balanced meal everyday to ensure you have most nutrients you need . Calcium , protein , vitamins etc . If you're a picky eater , it's time you start accepting foods you may not like ! In school , I would eat a portion of meat , vegetables and egg with rice .
5. Dietary Foods
I'm human too ! And a lazy one . So , I also look for dietary foods / supplements that can help boost / increase METABOLISM . Metabolism is very important if you want to lose weight . I've tried the ACAI BERRY DIET PILLS ( advertorial is available in the archives of this blog ) .
6. Water is important
You may think that things I've listed are slightly common . But , water is really important . A good measure of whether you're drinking enough , the colour of your urine . I'm sorry if it grosses you , but it should always be clear and colourless . Water cleans out your colon so that it can help your body to get rid of toxins .
7. Foods I like
I'm a girl . Obviously .__. So , I like to take papaya milk :X I know the " benefits " of it , but other than that ; I like to believe that the papaya helps you to digest better , and the milk just makes the equation unbalanced so that your stomach will try to get rid of the difference in acidity . Please don't do this everyday like me ; cause papaya milk is also known to increase your body size ( wonder why they are known to ' BOOST ' chest size ? They boost your WHOLE BODY ) .
I would also take fruits whenever I can . In school or at home , when you're craving for a snack ; just get a fruit instead of chips . Fibers in fruits help you to clear your system as well .
8. Do what you can .
What I mean is , if you are going somewhere walk-able ( for me , will be MRTs and school ) , walk . Don't take the public / private transport . It may not seem like a lot to you , but you are still helping to build muscles .
Push yourself , but know your limits . Don't go overboard and have an aching body until you can't move . If your exercise is effective , your body would ache the next day .
10. Don't focus on numbers
Don't focus on how much weight you lost / how many inches you've shed . Your weight may not go down ; because the main point is to .. CONVERT YOUR FATS INTO MUSCLES .
11. You will reap what you sow
For now , or maybe even in months ; you may not see / feel the difference . But , if you do what I did every Sunday morning , you will feel energised for the day . You will feel better and more relaxed as well . For me , I didn't even noticed much changes . But , my highwaist size dropped from 15.5" to 14.5" :O Also , my weight has dropped too !
12. Don't ever give up
If you think you don't have the determination , find someone sporty . Don't find someone that will give up easily like you , or you would just find excuses .
13. Don't be a vase
If you're still schooling , take every PE lesson as a motivation . Do as much sports as you can . I used to be a " vase " , just on the playing field to fill up space . But , it really helps to get yourself moving and playing !
14. Do sports that you like
Don't force yourself to do things that you don't like . For example , running . If you don't like to run , you can swim / play basketball / badminton ; anything . As long as you keep you body moving .
15. Effective workouts
You can try doing circuit workouts if you're really determined . Or , you would probably need your body moving for a minimum of 30 minutes each time to get your body started . To burn out calories , it mostly take 60 ~ 90 minutes . Do not do exercises over 2 hours at a time .
16. Exercises
For thigh exercises previously mentioned ; you can do the following steps :
1) Lie down on the floor ( use a mat if you have back problems )
2) Lie in a position as though you were to stand straight ( feet touching each other , arms by your side )
3) Lift your legs 90 degrees / perpendicular to the ground while keeping your tummy flat
4) Try , as much as possible , to do a " split " . Go slowly down to both sides , then hold it there to feel the stretch .
5) Repeat 3) and 4) for probably 2 minutes continuously . You would be surprised at how much it would hurt !
TIP : You can do this while listening to some upbeat music , and aim to do it for the whole song !
17. Sleep early
Your body needs a lot of rest , don't deprive it of sleep !
I hope this helps you somehow , and I will update my blog with HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES to food , and also maybe some workouts ! Thankyou for reading ^^ You can ask me questions at my Facebook -- Gerwyn's Sevenths :>