Saturday, 3 May 2014

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #33 - Here's To Us

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #33
Here's To Us
I haven't blogged in half a year.. Oops.
Anyways, this blog post would be dedicated to my new polytechnic friends ; and my new life I guess.
When you get into tertiary education, especially polytechnics, I guess you can't afford to hide in your comfort zone anymore. You'll have to learn how to open up, how to find yourself and of course, how to socialise.
Thankfully, I got enrolled into a FABULOUS class :D

SP Flag Day 2014
Well, I have a class that LOVES selfies (maybe that's a good thing!) ; so we took quite a lot of pictures :X
There's a total of 19 people in my class ; 8 girls , 11 guys.
This class is a class that clicks, almost instantly ^^
Accounting Lessons
We gather everyday before school, have our meals together.. :)
Laughters fill our lives, and of course.. silly things O.O

Alibaba Day

A lot has happened recently, but these people would stand by me, even if they don't know what happened :X And, I think this is just the beginning to many beautiful friendships :)