Monday, 27 May 2013



I will be doing pledge cards for New Hope Community Services , an organisation that provides shelter for various groups of people ; I would like to appeal to everyone that is reading this to do your part to help them out . Even $1 would mean a lot to the people there , so I hope you would be able to spare a thought for them as well

I'm currently looking to help them in the foll
owing ways :
- Donations through Pledge Card
- Food Contributions * ( canned food, biscuits, 3-in-1 Coffee, packet noodles etc )
* Currently asking whether they still need help with food rations

Therefore , on my part , I would be saving some of my money to buy some food for them . I would also be donating some amount to them . Thus , I would like to ask for your help to either :

- Donate a small amount
- Donate some food items ( Still not confirmed whether they need )

You can either bank transfer / deposit the money to me , or meetup with me ( CCK / Yewtee ONLY ) to pass me the items / money . Please PM me ( on Facebook ) / email me if you would like to contribute / if you have further questions . For more details of New Hope Community Services , you can go to :

xoxo ,

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #11 - My Heart .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #11
My Heart .
I've decided to blog about .. My heart . Haha T.T

Sometimes , I do things out of my own accord ; which I then look back and wonder why I did it in the first place . Some people simply says " You're too kind . "

Just some examples , sorry for taking screenshots from chats :P

Sometimes I wonder , why am I sometimes too kind / caring ?
Perhaps , it's because my heart went through too much .
I know the pain of being rejected when you're asking someone to buy things .
I know the pain of being ignored by people just because of some silly mistake .
I know the pain of betrayal when someone close decides to backstab you .
I know the pain of having nobody to buy your items when you need money really badly .
I know the pain of never having anyone around when your heart is breaking .
I know the pain of being alone even though people thinks you're a happy couple .
I know the pain of never hearing compliments from people .
Maybe these made me ..
Buy things whenever people ask me to if it's within my means .
Always care about someone even if that person hates me .
Remember that people may still leave no matter how you behave .
Try my best to help to clear their items despite being in a financial situation myself .
Be by anyone's side and make sure I'm not the person that breaks anyone's heart .
Make my boyfriend feel loved and hope that he will understand someday .
Compliment anyone I see regardless of who they are .
I've been hurt by so many people , that I've decided to be nice . However , sometimes it hurts when :
People decides to back out on me .
Customers doubt my creditability .
Nobody tries to understand my situation .
Everyone thinks I'm having a happy life with my boyfriend .
Nobody wants to help me clear my items despite all the free gifts and cheap prices .
Insults and rumours about me are all over the place .
I'm just trying to be nice and make everyone feel better and perhaps , a little happier .

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


After knowing my MYE Chinese results today , I made up my mind to start concentrating on my schoolwork . Therefore , PLEASE READ THIS LONG ANNOUNCEMENT . Normally , I will give explanations and all ; but I guess you wouldn't need them for this post !

- updating my blog anytime soon .
- online using my laptop often / for long periods of time .
- uploading any sounds on SoundCloud anytime soon .
- going out that often anymore , I hope .
- buying anything from anyone !

I WILL be :
- studying , haha .
- using Facebook mobile .
- giving my contact to customers with pending deals .
- collating my items for sale into a POSTAGE ONLY album .
- still selling the leftover items I have right now .

In short , I wouldn't be very sociable :/ Heheh >< But , you can still contact me through SMS / What'sapp , and you can request for my number if you need it <3 You can PM / text me if you need anything / have any questions ! ^^

xoxo ,

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #10 - All Alone .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #10
All Alone .
I'm posting this because I need to let this out of my heart , so badly .
I'm an only child , and people with siblings would probably think that I'm lucky .. NOT .
Being the only child doesn't mean that life is better . In fact , I want a sibling so much ; at least I could have someone to confide in when I need someone . I'm tired of life , partly because of my parents .
At the end of the day , they are still my parents ; there's nothing I can do about that . But , I don't understand ; I'm already their only child , why make life difficult for me ? How ? Read on ..
Firstly , there is a reason why I wear / act the way I do ; my parents . Being thinner than I was , I would of course , like to wear things that I couldn't wear previously . However , what would my parents say ? Look .
You look so fat in that dress , all your fats spilling out ; like pig like that .
Wear until like that , so ugly ; might as well don't wear .
The ____ so tight , can see all your fats ; still want go out wearing that ?
Oh wait . That's not all . Secondly , the reason I created Soundcloud ? My parents . Whenever I record songs to ask friends for ways to improve , they always say it sounds nice . However , my parents would be like ..
You slaughtering chicken arh ?
Sing until so awful , don't sing can a not ?
Shut up larh , nobody want hear you sing .
Needless to say , I was upset . I didn't know whether my friends were just patronizing me , or did I really sound alright . In fact , my CCA is Choir , so I should be able to sing somehow right ? Not what my parents think .
That's still not all . Whenever I do blogging / projects / blogshop issues / research , my parents would forever be saying ..
You so free , cannot help out in housework arh ?
Your things throw here , throw there ; pig sty arh ?
I don't know why we have such an untidy daughter that don't know how to help out at home .
If I'm doing misc. stuff like shopping and all ; I wouldn't mind . But , I mostly do my blogshop and homework on the computer . Even so , I don't throw my things anyhow . I know where I place them , where to get them when I need them . Moreover , my grandma comes back almost every weekend , and if I keep everything in my room , my parents would say I'm disturbing her .
Why would I blog about all these now ? I know they say that you shouldn't " hang the dirty linen in public " , but I got really upset just now and ran out of my parent's room crying . Here's what happened .
I came back at 11pm from meeting my boyfriend , and I went to wash up . Then , I lied on my bed using my phone to try the internet connection as there is something wrong with my What'sapp and Facebook . Then , I remember that I use the nights to do my homework because my brain is more awake at night . The quarrel begins .
Dad : Supposed to study , you don't study . Not supposed to study , you want study .
Me : I can't concentrate in the afternoon , my brain works better at night .
Mum : That's just your thinking . You can study in the afternoon , just that you are lazy .
Dad : Yarh , just like how you're lazy to wake up everyday and fake illness just to skip school .
Me : - rather upset by now cause they didn't understand the physical pain I was going through and thought I was lying -
Dad : Why you not like us ? Want sleep then will just sleep , supposed to do work will do work . Why our daughter like that ?
Me : - head buried in my pillow , trying to hold my tears back -
Dad : - talks to my mum - You know whether market got sell pig brain ?
Mum : Have arh , why ?
Dad : Tomorrow go buy for her , cook pig brain to boost her brain .
Mum : She already got pig brain already , boost for what .
Sometimes , I really wonder whether I'm their daughter . They make me feel so miserable , and tear down all my self-esteem and self confidence . I wonder whether they really love me , cause everytime I try to open up to them , they think I'm lying . I think whether they would care if I'm gone someday , since I'm just lazy / ugly / fat / stupid / pig-brained to them .
They think they understand me ; when in actual fact , they don't know anything about their own daughter . My favourite food , my favourite things ; what I like , what I dislike . They know nothing about me .
What's worse ? They blame everything on me / my boyfriend . When my grades goes down , my boyfriend gets blamed for spending too much time with me . When I can't sleep at night ( I have insomnia ) , my boyfriend gets blamed for meeting me too late at night . When I'm in too much pain to go to school , my boyfriend gets blamed for meeting / texting me the previous night resulting in a sleepless night for me .
They think they know everything about me . They think they know their own daughter ; no , they know nothing about me .
I'm tired of living this life .
Criticised by my own parents EVERY SINGLE DAY .
Being insulted by my parents .
Having mean words said about me .
I'm their daughter , couldn't they put themselves in my shoes ? In the end , I couldn't abandon them . I'm their only child , they need me when they grow old . But , they are tearing me apart every single day .
I wish they would stop .
I wish they could be more considerate .
I wish they can understand the hurt they are doing to me .
I wish they are able to see things from my point of view .
I'm all alone . Nobody understands me .

Friday, 3 May 2013

Food For Thought #10 - Short Message

Food For Thought #10
Short Message
Love me ? I love you too .
Hate me ? That's great !
Think I'm ugly ? The don't look at me .
Don't know me ? Don't try to even start judging me .
Think you know me ? Think again .
My Soundcloud :
Think I can't sing ? Then don't listen .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #9 - Perfect One , Perfect Relationship ?

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #9
Perfect One , Perfect Relationship .

Since nobody's perfect , there is no perfect one .
However , there is someone perfect for you .

And I think , I might have found mine .
Even if he's not the perfect one , he's close enough for me .

Nobody can judge your relationship , and don't let anyone do so .
So what if there are height difference ? So what if there is an age gap ?
Some of our parents have age gaps too , they may differ in height too ; yet , they still love each other and had you , didn't they ?

Just because two people are different , doesn't mean they can't be in love .
I love him , for who he is , even if he's not mine .

I can't say our relationship is perfect , cause there are many ups and downs lately .
I can't say we are the perfect couple , cause nobody is perfect .
I can't say we will be together forever , but I'm willing to try .

What I can say is ; I love him .
And , I can see a future with him .
Judge me if you want ; just keep your comments to yourself .
This love wouldn't be perfect , but at least it's real .

We can prepare and get ready for our future , but you will never know what the future holds .
I'm prepared to be his girl forever , and we're preparing for the future .

Nobody can say our love isn't true , even if we had distractions along the way .
It made our love even stronger ; it made us even closer .

As I've mentioned before , I have many sides of me ; but the true me , is when I'm with him .
Not only does he put up with my childish-ness , he plays along too .
He does things for me he had never done for any of his previous girls .
He makes me feel like he loves being with me ; that's enough .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #8 - What's beautiful to you ?

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #8
What's beautiful to you ?
Have you ever heard ? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder .
What does that mean ? It just simply means that the definition of " beauty " is different to everyone .
What's the definition of beauty ?
There is NO definite meaning of beauty , because it differs for all of us . Some think that beauty is being thin and flawless ; others feel that beauty is just how someone looks ( I know it doesn't make sense , but I'm not sure how to describe beauty either ! )
To me , beauty is being who you are ; without the influence of others . In fact , I think that everyone is beautiful .
Whether you're male or female , you're beautiful .
Whether you're young or old , you're beautiful .
Whether you're straight or bisexual , you're beautiful .
Whether you're attached or single , you're beautiful .
Whether you're hurt or loved , you're beautiful .
Whether you're alone or lonely , you're beautiful .
Whether you're rich or poor , you're beautiful .
Whether you're fat or thin , you're beautiful .
Whether you're short or tall , you're beautiful .
Beautiful things , beautiful people , beautiful world . What are they to you ?

Thursday, 2 May 2013

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