Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Reviews #1 - PSY's Gentleman

Have you heard PSY's latest song ?

This is not meant to offend anyone .
I've recently saw the release of PSY's new song , Gentleman .
Watch the music video here :
Official Music Video - Gentleman
So , I first saw it ; and my reactions were similar to this :

Reaction Video - Ryan Higa
The music video may seem nonsensical at first ; I managed to find a english-subtitled version of it :

English Subtitled - Gentleman
What do you think about the video now ? Firstly , the music video itself looks wrong . The images portrayed , and also the way PSY treats the other girls . I know it is just for the visual effects and to portray the story of this song , but it is just wrong . Especially when his previous hit , Gangnam Style , is even danced by kids that don't even understand what the song is about .