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Ask Me Anything #3 - How to shop at DAIGOU ?

Ask Me Anything #3
How to shop at DAIGOU ?
After my previous post on my loots from Daigou , I've received several questions related to shopping in Daigou . Hence , I've decided to do a blog post to share this website with you , and also to explain how to use it !

Disclaimer : This post is done by ME , as a mini-tutorial on 65Daigou . If possible , I'll do video tutorials if need be in the future ; but I hope this is enough ! Also , The images below are QUITE SMALL ; so do zoom in if you need to see the photos !

What is 65Daigou all about ?
Similar to Taobao , Daigou is Singapore's 1st locally-registered company that specialises in overseas ( China & Taiwan ) purchasing , logistics and international shipping .
- Adapted from 65Daigou

Simply put , you can purchase many items ( some that are not even in Singapore yet ) on 65Daigou at a much cheaper rate than retail ! Livejournal loots , exclusive Idol merchandise , even furniture can be bought from 65Daigou .

Why am I recommending 65Daigou to you ?
✓Fast & easy to use
✓Less Chinese content than Taobao
✓Gives updates about item's status promptly
✓Checks overall creditability of seller
✓Inspects items that you've ordered
✓Refunds and compensation should your items go missing

STEP 1 : Creating your Account
- Go to
- Fill up the boxes as shown below , and click Submit
- Follow instructions till it's completed

- When you've completed the registration , you'll have a page like this :

- Click on the tabs under Daigou / Taiwan for item sourcing
- The image below is what you'll see if you click under Daigou

The example below will be for RANDOM browsing :
- Click on the tab that you're interested in ( I'll be looking for pullovers in this example )
- From the side panel , move your mouse over " Ladies Fashion " and click " Sweaters " on the panel that pops up . The image below is what you should see .

- The page would be refreshed , and you'll be taken to a page with many photos and Chinese description . The image below is an example . I'll be showing you how to buy the Bettyboop pullover highlighted .

- Click on the item that you're interested in and it'll bring you to a new tab .
- In the image below , it shows the following :
" Price : 29.00
  Domestic Shipping :
  To Warehouse:
  If out of stock: "

Price -> Cost of the item itself in RMBDomestic Shipping -> Cost to transport item from seller to Daigou Warehouse in RMB颜色 -> Colour of the item (if any)
尺码: -> Size (if any)
To Warehouse -> This is the warehouse that you want to send the items to . It doesn't matter which you send the items too , so I recommend you to choose the cheaper one ( click between the two and look at the difference ) . On most occasions , apparel would be cheaper to be sent to Guangzhou ; while accessories to Shanghai .
Method -> Method to send to Singapore . The most worth & efficient method would be " Economy Air " , so do click on that !
If out of stock -> What you want to do for the item if it's out of stock .
TIP : Before you select the options & add the item into your cart , total up the PRICE & DOMESTIC SHIPPING = Cost of item in RMB . Divide the COST IN RMB by 4.70 , to get the COST IN SGD . Also , you can scroll to the lower part of the page to view the product details & description .

- The image below shows the lower part of the product tab .

- Once you've checked the details & description , and verify that you want to add the item to your cart ; select the options beside the main image and click " Add to Cart " .
- The image below is how your cart should look like ( I'm using my account with some orders from a friend ) after you've chosen the items you want to buy :

- Let's say this is your cart .
Product name -> The item that you've added into cart .
Seller -> The name of the seller .
Warehouse -> The warehouse that you've chosen .
Method -> Method of shipping to Singapore .
Domestic Shipping -> Cost in RMB for items to be sent from seller to Daigou warehouse .
Unit Price -> Price of item .
Qty -> Number of that item you'll be purchasing .
Subtotal -> Unit Price + Domestic Shipping . The price above is in RMB , the price in the brackets is in SGD .
Insurance -> Please REMEMBER to click this icon . This helps to " buy insurance " for that item so that you'll get the maximum refund IF the items are lost . This insurance will cost a few cents in SGD per item ; but paying a few cents is better than losing dollars !
Edit -> The notebook & pencil icon is for you to edit the options you've chosen . The stop icon is to delete the item from the cart .
Checkbox -> Check the item that you want to pay for ; click the checkbox circled in red in the image above if you want to pay for all items in your cart .
- After confirming all the details are correct , you can proceed to checkout .
The example below will be if you have something SPECIFIC to look for .
Let's say you want to look for .. bracelets ( rather generic , you can further specify ) .
- Use Google Translate to get the Chinese words for the item . Bracelets = 手镯 .
- Click the Daigou tab & you'll see a search box . Copy and paste the Chinese words into the search box and click " search taobao " .
- The image below will be what will pop up . Just do the same as the description above !

IF the item you want to buy is from Taobao :
- Items in Taobao are NOT part of Daigou . However , you CAN use Daigou to buy them using the EZBUY function .
- Let's say you want to buy Craftholic from Taobao ( I'm getting mine :X ) . It's all in Chinese ! OH NO .

- Leave this tab on , and go to Daigou .
- At the top of Daigou , there is the following EZBUY function .
- Copy & paste the link of the item you want from Taobao into this and click EZBUY . The image below will pop up . Using the information in Taobao , proceed to fill in the blanks . Then , hit " Submit " .

- The image below will pop up . Then , just click checkout , or the X button to close it .

Checking out & submitting payment .
- I'm going to show you how to check out and submit your payment . In this example , I'll be helping a friend to submit two of her items from the shopping cart .
- Check the boxes of the items that you want to submit , the total amount will be shown . I've used Paint to cover the other items of my friend's orders .
- Click checkout and the image below will pop up , then click Submit to confirm the shipping Warehouse & method .
- The image below is the final confirmation . Once the items have been confirmed , they will redirect you for payment .
Prepay -> Items that may have been refunded / bought at cheaper price and they refund you .
- Click " Pay Now " when you're ready to make payment .

- The image below is telling you that you have to make payment .
- The page would be redirected to the image below , and just make your payment according to the instructions . I'll proceed to do my payment via ibanking .

NOTE : They'll require your transaction reference , so DO NOT throw the receipt / exit once you've transferred !
- After making your payment , type the transaction reference into the transaction number ; then click " Confirm and Submit " .
Minimum Payable Amount -> Total amount to pay - Prepay balance
Other amount -> Use this if you want to pay MORE than your current orders ; ie . Like topping up the balance of ezlink before spending .


- After which , the image below will appear . Then , click " Okay " and you'll be redirected to your account .
TIP : If you're paying by Ibanking , just scroll down and select the bank that you're paying with . They will open a new window to the bank , which means you don't have to open it yourself XD
The rest of the procedures / status can be found in your account . Just spend a little time to explore it !
I hope this post has helped you more or less , feel free to contact me if you need any help !
1st Payment -> Item price & domestic shipping ( completed above )
2nd Payment -> Shipping cost from Daigou warehouse to Singapore ( to be paid when your parcel arrives in Singapore )


Friday, 1 November 2013

Mini Confession #20 - Gerwyn's Loots #1

Mini Confession #20
Gerwyn's Loots #1
I admit that .. I've been spending on Daigou lately ! OOPS .
In this post , I'll share with you the items I gotten / their links / their total price I got them for !
Good things must share :>

NOTE : There are two shipping fees here . The first is DOMESTIC shipping , which means the cost of having the seller send the item to Daigou's warehouse . The second is known as 2ND PAYMENT , which is the cost to ship it to Singapore . Another optional cost ( which I opted for ) is the home delivery !

For this post , the 2nd payment ( $40.01 ) is INCLUSIVE of the home delivery cost of $5 & will be divided equally with all items . I DID NOT include prices for 2nd payment because it differs from everyone .

The links for the items are on the item name , just click on the item name & it'll lead you to a new webpage .

These are the items that I will be keeping :

Want to know where to get them ? Read on !
Price : $7.45 SGD
Domestic Shipping : FOC
Total : $7.45 SGD

Jeffrey Campbells Inspired ( OOS on site )
Price : $11.28 SGD
Domestic Shipping : $1.70 SGD
Total : $12.98 SGD
Price : $12.34 SGD
Domestic Shipping : FOC
Total : $12.34 SGD
Price : $7.06 SGD
Domestic Shipping : $1.70 SGD
Total : $8.76 SGD
Price : $6.81 SGD
Domestic Shipping : $1.70 SGD
Total : $8.51 SGD
Price : $9.15 SGD
Domestic Shipping : $1.70 SGD
Total : $10.85 SGD
Price : $8.28 SGD
Domestic Shipping : FOC
Total : $8.28 SGD

Price : $6.81 SGD
Domestic Shipping : $1.70 SGD
Total : $8.51 SGD
Price : $5.27 SGD
Domestic Shipping : FOC
Total : $5.27 SGD
The prices stated are the prices that I've bought them for ! It may fluctuate according to the seller . The following items are the ones that I'll be selling :

Price : $5.10 SGD
Domestic Shipping : $1.06 SGD
2nd Payment : $2.86 SGD
Total : $8.93 SGD
Selling for : $8.90 SGD ( excludes postage )
Price : $6.17 SGD
Domestic Shipping : FOC
2nd Payment : $2.86 SGD
Total : $9.03 SGD
Selling for : $9 SGD ( excludes postage )
Price : $6.02 SGD
Domestic Shipping : FOC
2nd Payment : $2.86 SGD
Total : $8.88 SGD
Selling for : $8.90 SGD ( excludes postage )
Price : $4.26 SGD
Domestic Shipping : $1.70 SGD
2nd Payment : $2.86 SGD
Total : $8.82
Selling for : $8.80 SGD ( excludes postage )
The items above that I'm selling will be posted in my album later on at 3pm ; you can only start buying then . I've also included the link in case you are not able to get it ! As this is my first batch of orders from Daigou , I didn't really source for cheap items ; but these are relatively cheap I guess ? For the upcoming posts , the items will get cheaper !
Gerwyn says bye !

Ask Me Anything #2 - What are you looking forward to?

Ask Me Anything #2
What are you looking forward to ?
Second entry of this Section ! I'm really bored these days , so I think I'll blog a little more ~ Anyways , do read on !
Question of the Day : What are you looking Forward to ?
Answer : I'm looking forward to many new things !
Firstly , my blogshop .
Right now , EVERYTHING ( I mean it ! ) that I have left is pending . Be it the items that I'm selling or the items I'm giving away , they have all been cleared & pending to the respective people ~ So , what's next ? I've the items for my launch on its way to Singapore ! I'm sorry if I disappoint you , but these items are STRICTLY collected by POSTAGE because I'll be working & I really don't want to do meetups anymore . Nothing would be above $10 ( I'll try to make that inclusive of postage alright ? ) and I won't make a profit of more than $2 per item ! ( you can request for screenshots of the payments made if you want to verify this ~ )

Secondly , my wardrobe change .
If you still don't know by now , I've cleared my entire wardrobe except for 2 tanks , 1 highwaist & 1 bralet . Other than that , I only have my pyjamas as well as school attire . Hence , I've been doing a lot of hauling ( in fact , I do it daily ! ) for clothes ; and the first batch is about to arrive to me within 2 hours ~ I'll be sure to blog about them & the links so that you can get them too ! Also , one of the reasons why I'm changing my wardrobe is because I want a fresh wardrobe for Polytechnic :X
Next , new experiences .
In view of the months of break to come , I'll be getting a job really soon . This probably means less time to blog / meetup / settle blogshop issues / socialise .. However , I'm getting a job ( hopefully my resumes would work magic ) to get me experience ; as well as income so that I can afford some things that would be coming my way ! For example , I'll be changing my hair colour straight after O level results have been released .. XD
New year , new me ?
As I've stated above , I'll be changing myself ( again ) for the better ( or worse ? ) . New hair colour , new style , new clothes , new bag , new pencilcase .. Everything would be new . Except friends of course , friends will stay with me ! Also , I'm TRYING to get a new body shape ( OMG I just devoured bread that my cousin baked ) and hopefully I can look better !
Oh and , I have a week-long break with my boyfriend coming up !
From the 12th ~ 18th of November , I may MIA for a little while as I'll be with my boyfriend because he is getting a RARE ( literally , he never takes any day off unless he's sick but that's still very rare ) WEEK off from work ! It's time I spend some time with him , hehe :X Don't worry , I'll be taking many photos and all ( even if you don't want me to post any , I still will ) XD I currently have a photo taken from 17th October of my new bikini set ; and I'm trying to change my body for a before&after shot !
I'm looking forward to December too !
The month where we celebrate Christmas ? It's my mum's birthday month too .. I'm planning to share costs with my boyfriend to get her a handbag , so it's time to save save save ! SHH , she shall not know .
Giveaway ~
For now , I have a giveaway for The Paper Stone journal planner ongoing now ; and I'll be adding my 150cm teddybear soon after it ends ! Also , I've seen probably over 70 people joining the journal giveaway so far , and it's ridiculous to snatch for one journal like that . So , I'll be getting more items from The Paper Stone from the balance in my membership card just to give them away ! For people that has yet to join the giveaway for the journal , click on the link below and go join it now ~ All you have to do is like the photo & comment " Done ! " , you don't even have to share it . That's easy , right ?

Link -> Giveaway ( click on the word Giveaway ! )
Click on the link above to join ! For people in Singapore only ><

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Mini Confession #19 - Time to CHANGE .

Mini Confession #19
Time to CHANGE .
I confess that .. It's time for me to change .
And I , want the readers ( if there is any ) , to be the witness ( and probably reminder ) to this .
Firstly , I've gotten rid of those dietary foods / supplements that I used to take . In fact , I've decided that I need to change .
These days , I've been putting on weight . I've dropped my weight from 61kg to 53kg previously , and now I'm back up to 56kg . OOPS ! Haha , I promise I'll work hard to drop them back down again .
Thus , I've decided to start clean eating ( my own way ) & doing exercises .
For the rest of this post , I'll share what exactly clean eating is supposed to be ; and my plans so far !
As what the phrase states , it just means : Eat clean . Getting rid of processed foods , fast foods , preserved foods & foods drowned-in-sugar . This includes getting rid of : Soft drinks , processed ham , fast food , and basically , any unhealthy food .

The list above is a mini-list , but yeah .. So , how am I going to try to eat clean ?
This actually started from a blogshop that I knew , and she has an Instagram account ( @fightfeatfit ) dedicated to it ! I tried to eat clean previously , and after a while ( about a week ? ) I gave up :X
But now , I'm going to make it more long-term for myself .
My plans :
I'll be going to NTUC weekly / once per 2 weeks to buy some produce . Buying yoghurt , milk , fresh fruits , whole-grain bread , fruit juices , salmon , nuts , chicken etcetc .. Food costs a lot when you try to get things that are healthier , but it's worth it .
I can't buy everything organic and all ; but I'll eat healthily ! :> I know the following are not considered clean / healthy eating .. But I just want to upload them :X I aim to hit 50kg by December ; but probably the minimum would be 52 ? Time to get things right !
Soyabean Pudding with Strawberries & Honey Glaze
Strawberries with HL Milk & Fitnesse Cereal

Soyabean Pudding with Strawberries & Honey Glaze

Have been eating many strawberries because they are on sale in NTUC now ; or else my mum wouldn't buy them for me >< Hehe , I'll do my own Chicken Victoria ( from Swensens originally ) soon & post it up ! If I ever have recipes for clean eating / healthy eating or any updates ; I'll blog about them too !
Before I end this , I'll promise that I'll start eating healthily & exercise to get my desired body :X