Friday, 19 April 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #1 - Everyone hurts .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #1
Everyone hurts .
New section ! Okay , I didn't know where to put these future posts ; so I created this new section ! See things from my point of view :> Also , most of the posts under this section would be inspired by quotes I see from Facebook !
" Never underestimate the pain of a person , because in all honesty , everyone hurts . Some people just hide it better than others . "
Have you ever feel that nobody can possibly feel worse than you ? I did . Before I typed this post , I've done a little self-reflection . Yes , I may be in pain most of the time these days ; but how about the other people in this world that are facing poverty and hunger ?
Poverty in Africa

As human beings , it is natural for us to complain about what we have / we don't . However , are we really that bad a condition that we claim ourselves to be ?

We tend to forget about things we take for granted :

1) Our home
We have a roof over our heads . However , some people in this world , they don't . They live on the streets , or proably some remote area where there are no buildings .

2) Clothes
We have the luxury of buying fashionable / trending clothes , but have you ever thought about those who don't ?

3) Food
We have our fast food chains as well as food that are easily accessible . Have you ever thought about the people in this world that have nothing to eat ? And yet , we are wasting grains of rice that they would probably be snatching to eat .

I know there are much more reasons in this world right now ; reasons that threaten the lives of others . How about you ? People in this world are experiencing bombing , hunger , poverty and so much more .

Yes , we do feel hurt ; physically , mentally , emotionally . But , we have to remind ourselves constantly that there are people out there that are struggling everyday to live another day .