Friday, 19 April 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #2 - What matters to you in life ?

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #2
What matters to you in life ?
Inspired by CLE lesson in school today .
What matters to you ? To me , these are the things that matter the most to me right now .
1) O Level
It should be important . I mean , it determines the future career and probably the road down my life !
2) Health
As you all know , I don't have that good of a health condition now . So , I really hope it can get better soon ; I want to be normal again !
3) Love
Yes , it doesn't make really much sense . But , I love the people around me . Be it friends / family .
4) Doing things people say I cannot do
It seems silly . But , I like to prove people wrong . I don't like people to say that I can't do something that I know I can . So , I sometimes take it as a motivation to prove people wrong .
5) Friends
To be honest , I have really awesome friends in my life . People that tolerate my nonsense and laugh at my silly jokes . People that I want to keep in my life .
6) Money
As ironic as it is , I have many financial issues at this age . This are confidential :P