Sunday, 7 April 2013

ADVERTORIAL - Acai Diet Pills

Acai Berry Diet Pills
What is the Acai Berry ?
The Acai tree is similar to a palm tree which grows as tall as 18.2 metres .
The tree sprouts hundreds of purple pulps that are similar to berries in terms of size and color . 
The pulp is then processed to be used in capsules ( or pills ) , juice, and even powder .
Even well-known companies including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and even Anheuser-Busch want a piece of the acai berry as it almost entirely comprises of anti-oxidants .
These are the same antioxidants that can be used for cancer prevention, anti- aging and improvement in brain function.
Overall , the Acai Berry is a super fruit .

Are there any evidence that the Acai Diet Pills effective ?
The Acai Diet Pills is a credible dietary supplement for weight loss.
The pill contain antioxidants and minerals that aids in weight loss with its high content of dietary fiber.
Just like fiber supplements, the acai berry also suppresses your appetite and help in expelling toxins in your body .
When toxins are released, the body can run more efficiently.
When the human body's toxins are replaced with the best vitamins and minerals , it works more efficiently to function properly.
This increases the body’s ability to lose weight faster .
The fatty acids also improve muscle building capabilities which burn more calories than fat . 
Therefore, with added benefits for losing weight and muscle building , the acai diet pill will also encourage improved general health and vitality.
With that said, acai berry is not a miracle diet pill that will magically make the fats fall off nor is it a replacement for diet and exercise. The Acai Diet Pill is dietary supplement that makes losing weight easier with diet and exercise. Diet and exercise must be incorporated for in order for the pill to be effective. Moreover, the acai berry diet pill will also encourage general health and vitality. Also, people have reported fewer wrinkles due to acai berry’s ability to increase collagen production.

Statement by Dr. Oz
What are your reviews of the Acai Diet Pills ?
I personally have tried the Acai Diet Pills and it doesn't take much effort from you .
You just have to take ONE PILL every morning AFTER your breakfast ( you can take it before your breakfast , but it is recommended to take it after your breakfast if you have any stomach illness such as gastrics ) .
Is there any side effects to the pills ?
There are no side effects to the pills in general but you may want to avoid eating it if :
1) You have pollen allergies / hypersensitivity to Acai
2) You have a chronic illness such as illness in your heart , liver , kidney etc
3) You are pregnant / lactating
How much does it cost ?
Each bottle contains 30 pills = 1 month .
$42 per bottle , buy 3 get 1 free !
Where can I get it ?
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