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Amasoy - Delectable Organic Japanese Beancurd
This is NOT a paid advertorial , I do advertorials for FREE if the products are good / service is satisfactory .
How did I come across AmaSoy ?
I was scrolling down my timeline , and I saw Amasoy popping out ; attracted to the logo ( as shown above , so cute right ? ) , I clicked on their Facebook page . Ever since I've been dating my boyfriend , I've fell in love with soyabean . Thus , when I was AmaSoy , I decided I have to give it a try .
What is Amasoy ?
AmaSoy is a brand for soybean puddings with Collagen and Omega-3 . Alternatively , they sell Hokkaido Milk drinks as well .
" - 100% Organic Soy Beans Used
- All natural & nutritious
- Trans-fat free
- No cholesterol
- Low fat content
- Lactose free
- No colouring
- No artificial flavouring
- No animal gelatin used
- No preservatives & MSG used "
Taken from Moonberry

Yesterday , I went to AmaSoy with my friend at Jurong Point to give it a try . However , there wasn't the flavours that I wanted to try ; so I took the Almond one instead . The soybean pudding tasted smooth , and it just tastes .. different from others . This only cost $2 , which I feel .. it's rather worth it ?
What flavours do the Soybean Puddings come in ?*
Original , Almond , Matcha are the normal flavours . However , there are other flavours available such as : Mango , Salted Caramel . Also , there are choices of toppings which you can choose ; I can't remember all of them , but I know there are red bean and strawberries available .

* Subject to availability at each retail store .

You mentioned .. Hokkaido Milk Drinks ?
I've yet to taste them yet , but I'll be getting them when I have the time ! There are also many choices for flavours , and they are cheap too ~ Many different variations , and different toppings for you to choose from !

Where are the stores located ?
Great World City #B1-16/17 (inside Food Junction)
Orchard – Ion Orchard #B4-64 Orchard Turn
Serangoon – Serangoon NEX, 23 Serangoon Central #02-04/06
Jurong – Jurong Point  #03-42/47 (Soy Puddings only)
Tampines – Tampines One, 10 Tampines Central 1, #04-15 (Soy Puddings only)
I'm not the first ( and not the last either ) to blog about AmaSoy , some other better reviews can be seen on :
Okay , I'm not feeling well today & I don't really have the mood to blog .. So this post shall end here !
For more information on their products ( After all , I'm just sharing my short review ) , opening hours and enquiries , you can contact AmaSoy on Facebook at :!/AmaSoySG

Friday, 26 July 2013

Inspire Me #3 - Valeria Levitin

Inspire Me #3
Valeria Levitin
So , you think words can only hurt people ?
Take a look at Valeria Levitin , a victim of bullying .
How did this happen ? Take a look at her , when she was 19 .
She should probably be a UK8 ~ 10 , which is the same size as I am .
But still , I think that she looks beautiful the way she was .
So , how did she turn from this beautiful girl  -> a victim of anorexia ? WORDS .
From young , her mother was pressuring her to watch her weight ; in fear that she would be " fat " like her relatives . After which , her classmates and schoolmates started to make fun of her ; even though she isn't that big of a size . At age 23 , she dropped from a Size 12 to a Size 6 . You think it's the perfect size ? She pushed herself further because .. people in the modelling industry still thinks she's too fat .


The photo above was from her modelling attempts .
Why did I choose to blog about her ? How about you watch this video before I share with you .
If you have read my previous post , you'll know that the person on the left is Lizzie ; and she looks that way because of a health condition that SHE WAS BORN WITH .
However , Valeria has a health condition that SHE FELL INTO .
So .. my reason ?
She is anorexic because of what people told her .. because people thought about the " perfect size " . In reality , the " perfect size " doesn't exist because nothing is perfect to begin with . What inspires others is that , she is trying to STOP people from getting eating disorders . And .. I want to help her spread this as well .
She has FAN MAILS . You know , mails that people get when they ADMIRE you . Yes , I admire her too ; but not for the same reason .
The following is taken from one of her fan mails .
" Hello dear Valeria,
I am 23 and weigh 8½st and I do not like myself this way. I want to look skinny like Thumbelina. Nobody can persuade me not to diet, even though I acquired gastritis and pancreatitis.
I have tried all kinds of diets but they all yielded only temporary results. On my present diet I do not feel hungry eating 10½oz to 14oz of food per day, I cannot return to my old way of eating because I fear I will gain weight.
All my relatives are telling me it will hurt me, that I will be a victim of anorexia. I am a little worried that one day I will be faced with a problem of critically low weight and I want to know when to get worried. When did it happen to you? "

To find out more about Valeria Levitin , you can visit :

"I get fan mail from young girls asking how to look like me... but I won’t teach them to die"
- Valeria Levitin

Inspire Me #2 - Lizzie Velásquez

Inspire Me #2
Lizzie Velásquez
Have you seen a video that has been going around in Facebook , titled " Lady Voted Ugliest On The Internet Gives A Remarkable Speech " ?
If you haven't , click on the video below .
This woman is known as Lizzie Velásquez .
She has been voted online as the " World's Ugliest Woman " , just because of the way she looks .
However , those people who insulted and bullied her probably didn't know that she had a rare condition .
The following information is from Wikipedia .
" She has 0% body fat , and has never weighed more than 27kg . Although she isn't anorexic , she is unable to gain weight & is required to eat many meals a day . Her daily energy intake of about 5000 kilocalories compares with the US average of 3770 . She is blind in her right eye which began to cloud over when she was 4 years old , and has limited vision in the other . She has a weak immune system but her condition is not terminal . "
She is known for speaking up against bullying , and being a motivational speaker .
Why did I choose to blog about her ?
I was scrolling along Facebook last night ( OMG I couldn't sleep ) , and I found many people sharing this video . So , I decided to click on the video and watched it . Maybe for people who first see her , she may not look like someone you would want to go near to . However , after watching her speeches and Youtube channel , you will soon realise that she is beautiful ; inside and out .
How many times in our lives have we allowed other people to define who we are ?
To me , many .
But if she is able to go through all of these despite her condition , and motivate herself so much ; why can't we ? She is now a motivational speaker , and she even wrote a book titled " Be Beautiful , Be You " .
To find out more about Lizzie Velásquez , you can visit the following sites :

Thursday, 25 July 2013

That's What She Said #1 - Siblings .

That's What She Said #1
Siblings .
New section ! For this section , I'll be sharing views from two different side of the story .
Do you have a sibling ?
If you answered yes , have you ever wondered what it's like to be the only child ?
If you answered no , have you ever wondered what it's like to have one ?
I'm the only child in my family , and I've wondered about having siblings before .
From my point of view , I've always wanted to have a brother / sister .
However , it's common to hear friends with siblings ; complaining about how fortunate I am being the only child without siblings .

So , let me share with you what it's like to be the only child ; and HOPEFULLY , I can try to share what it's like to have an sibling ~
Being an only child .. THE DOWN SIDE .
It gets lonely at times , especially when you just want to cry your heart out to someone who will understand you .
It gets upsetting to see other people with siblings being so close , and you're all alone .
Being an only child .. THE UP SIDE .
You get what you want , most of the time .. It tends to be a little better than others , because some parents show favourtism to a specific child .
Having siblings .. THE DOWN SIDE .
They may get irritating at times , when you're having major exams especially .
They may get into quarrels with you and add on to your stress .
They may push the blame to you at times :X
Having siblings .. THE UP SIDE .
You'll have someone there when you need them .
You'll be able to help / get help from them .
You'll be able to bond with them .
Even if you have / don't have siblings , I think nobody should ever wish for the opposite .
If you have siblings , cherish them and never take them for granted .
If you are an only child , be thankful and understanding ; maybe your parents have their limitations ( financially , medically ) which resulted in you being the only child .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #15 - Abby Lee Miller ?

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #15
Abby Lee Miller ?
Have you seen The Strait Times on 8th July 2013 ?
If not , have you heard about the TV reality series , Dance Moms ?
Abby Lee Miller has been considered a mean & strict person , but is that what she really is ?
Let me take some quotes out from the newspaper and show you one side of the story .
" Famous dance instructor and reality TV star Abby Lee Miller makes no apologies for her notoriously demanding and almost militant way of teaching . "
" ... , she is often seen verbally abusing her students - some as young as six years old - until they break down in tears . "
" Second place is the first loser on stage . "
" They're just jealous of me . The kids want my approval and their mothers can't handle that they care more about what Abby thinks than what their mothers think . "
" I don't think I'm mean enough . "
I found some GIFs as well , so I'll just upload them :P

Yes , from all these , she seems rather mean ; doesn't she ? HOWEVER , the following are quoted from Wikipedia on her biography .
" At age 13, she started her career as a dance choreographer. At just 14 years old, she started the Abby Lee Dance Company. In 1980, she opened her own dance studio and estimates she has taught 3,000 to 4,000 students throughout her career. Now known for her incredible dedication, discipline and passion, Abby is one of the most sought-after dance teachers in Pittsburgh, as she has turned out numerous professional dance stars . "
At age 13 , I'm only Secondary 1 ; still studying and fooling around .. And Abby was already a dance choreographer ? At age 14 , I only STARTED TO DREAM about having my own business ; and Abby already has one ?
I've searched for a video of Dance Moms :
Mean or not , it's up to your own perspective .
However , just by reading about her , I feel that she is rather inspiring too .
Passion in the things you do , can get you really far .
Do things that you ENJOY and have a PASSION for , you'll be much happier that way .
For more information on Abby Lee Miller , GOOGLE her :P

Food for Thought #12 - You snooze , you lose !

Food for Thought #12
You snooze , you lose !
What do you lose when you fall asleep ?
Well , you'll lose your troubles & problems ..
And also , you may probably lose weight too !
I'm down with a flu for this week , so I'm typing this on the bed .
Anyways , my English teacher went through the topic on SLEEP .
From dreams to nightmares , sleep cycles to DeJaVu , and he asked ..
" Do you have enough sleep ? "
My answer ? No .
The only time we can ever have enough rest is when we're sick ( like me right now X_X ) or when it's the holidays ( I'm sure I'm not the only one who wakes up late during holidays ! ) , and that's not even sufficient to us . Another reason that you'll have enough rest ? It's when you forgo your responsibilities of doing your homework / going to work ; not very possible eh ?
When we sleep , we forget about the problems and troubles that we have , at least for that few hours . However , do you know that sleep can actually aid in weight loss too ( stares with sparkling eyes ) ?
Referring to the image above , when you have enough sleep ; you will feel the " fullness " when you've eaten . When you have not enough sleep , you will tend to feel hungry ( and as a result , sleepy ! ) even after a meal . This means that you would still be looking for food ( most likely , junk food ) to " fill up " the empty space in your stomach , when it is already full .
Wouldn't post much about this , read up more about sleep ! But , don't read until you forgo your rest time ~

Friday, 19 July 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #14 - Gerwyn's Sweet 16

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #14
Gerwyn's Sweet 16
Yesterday , I finally turned 16 !
I decided to blog about it , and also take this opportunity to show you my precious collections :X
So .. My mum gave me a red-packet in the morning yesterday consisting of $40 ( I only opened in the afternoon ! ) which I donated $10 to one of the charity organisations that my friend helped to do flag day for :> Yesterday was also my school's Sports Fiesta , so two of my friends gave me an early present , and ..
IT OVERFLOWED MY TEDDY COLLECTION ! The present that they gave me was that cute Pooh Bear , and a phone-strap consisting of my name :> Teehee , POOH BEAR SAYS HI . The rest of the teddies there are bought by my boyfriend , except for the Panda which Lovely Items ( Blogshop on Facebook ) gave me & the two ribbon teddies that I bought in support for Daffodil Days ^^
Well , the rest of my friends were too busy preparing for Sports Fiesta ; and I didn't announce / allowed anyone to view my birthday in Facebook , so nobody really knew it was my birthday unless for a few close friends :X Also , one of them asked me why I didn't tell her ( she found out only after I decided to set it to Public ) ; and my reason is because I don't want people to wish me / get me presents just because Facebook told them my birthday . It's also a good way to find out who really remembered your birthday .. ^^
This is my mini-collection of notes / mini presents from teachers , friends and customers I've dealt with ^^ If any of you are reading this .. I still keep them ! They are all kept in a ziploc bag ( almost A4 sized ) and inside a folder :P
I went for a meal at Swensens with my friend after school , and I didn't take any " foodporn " because it's still the Fasting Month for Muslims ; so I don't really want to post any . I've been craving for Swensens for rather long , and .. my friend gave me a treat so , YAY ? XD
Anyways , I met with my boyfriend at night . And honestly , I thought he wouldn't be able to make it because of his busy work schedule . However , he still managed to come over ! I wore my dress that he bought for me ( teehee , advanced present ) and I was really glad that he was able to spend time with me ( I was rather upset because I was almost neglected yesterday X_X ) despite his schedule .
He managed to buy me a cake ( the first picture of this whole post ) and took neoprints with me !
The top photo are pictures taken last year , and the bottom was yesterday's neoprint :X Haha , there were ALL random poses yesterday T.T
Anyways , that was my day .. OHOH . He bought me a notebook from The Paper Stone too ! It has because I needed one for my A Math homework , and I previously only bought one for E Math as I didn't have enough money T.T I'm considering to buy something else from The Paper Stone as a present for him :X

I asked him to choose between the Turquoise & Pink polkadot notebook , and he chose the soldier-looking one .. which I already bought for E Math XD He " eenie-meenie " till he decided on the Turquoise one ^^ Oh well , don't judge my " selfie " with Pooh ; POOH BEAR SAYS BYEEEE !

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Inspire Me #1 - Nick Vujicic

Inspire Me #1
Nick Vujicic
Have you ever thought about giving up at some point of your life ?
Meet Nick Vujicic , the man born without limbs .
What's so inspiring about him ?
I shall not tell you , and let you watch it for yourself .
The following video leads from part 1 to part 11 .
This man gives out motivational talks despite his own " disabilities " .
He gives encouragements to EVERYONE around him ; and I've noted some quotes from him .
" Life is worth living when you find purpose .

The power of encouragement , you can save a person's life .

Be the change you want to see , and you be that person and turn them around .
You have the choice to either uplift somebody or put someone down .
It doesn't matter how you look . "

I know this is categorised under " Giving Back " , but the talks that he give , does give back .
Those simple words that anyone else could've said , may have hurt someone to the point where they feel like DYING . That one sentence from someone can push someone over the edge .

You know what's the good news ?
Firstly , he wrote books ; and they are for sale on Attitude Is Altitude ( ) , DVDs and apparels are also up for sale .

Secondly , he is COMING TO SINGAPORE .
Date : 7 September 2013 , Saturda
Time : 7.30pm
Ticket Price : $20 ~ $158*
*excluding booking fee

More details can be found here :

I watched the video that I uploaded above , and it made me cry .
If you think you need motivation / someone to push you further in life , watch him .
The following is a music video of " Something More " by Nick Vujicic .
I will never be able to understand how to live life without limbs ; and I would probably have given up before I even tried to get up . Look at him now , he's married & has a child .
" Never ever give up . "
- Nick Vujicic

Giving Back #1 - Singapore Cancer Society

Giving Back #1
Singapore Cancer Society
New section ! Under " Giving Back " , I will be posting up some organisations that I've volunteered for ; as well as how to give back to the community.
Have you ever heard of Daffodil Days ? It's actually a community-based fundraising project that started in Canada , 1950s . It signifies the celebration of hope for all cancer patients all over the world . This project has allowed Singapore Cancer Society to raise awareness in our community .
The teddybears above were part of the " gifts " you would have gotten if you donated during Daffodil Days 2013 . Those teddybears above are mine , and I've donated $10 in order to get two of them ( do your math ! ) because I didn't want to only have one lonely teddybear .
( They have feelings too you know ! )
So , what does Singapore Cancer Society do ?
  • Cancer treatment subsidies
  • Financial and welfare aid
  • Hospice and palliative home care services
  • Community oncology home care services
  • Free transportation to/from cancer treatment
  • Rehabilitative Support
  • Cancer screening
  • Cancer research
  • Public Education
  • How can I help ?
    There are two main ways that you can help .
    1) Volunteering
    - SCS Charity Athlete
    - Photographer / Videographer
    Video / take shots of SCS events , email :
    - Public Forums / Corporate Talks
    Doctors needed to give talks regarding cancer , email :
    - General Assistance / Support
    Volunteer in administrative work , events and fundraising activities , email : 
    2) Donations
    - Donate via GiveSG
    - Donate via SGGives
    - Donate via Simply Giving
    - Donate GST Credits & Senior Citizen Bonus
    - Donate via GIRO
    - Donate via Direct Debit Donor Programme
    I've did my part to give back to the community through Singapore Cancer Society , have you ?

    Monday, 15 July 2013

    Food for Thought #11 - Respect is earned .

    Food for Thought #11
    Respect is earned .
    Another side-topic touched on today in Motivational Workshop #1 was respect .

    There was a question , similar to the one below ..
    " Do you respect some people and not others ? Why ? "

    Thinking about the people around me , and those who .. " hate " me for no reason ;
    I conclude that " Yes , because respect is earned ; not given . "

    Firstly , if you want others to respect you ; you should respect yourself .
    Secondly , this quote was found on Google and I decided to share it ..
    Treat people the way you want to be treated .
    Talk to people the way you want to be talked to .
    Respect is earned , not given .


    Mini Confession #8 - Fear .

    Mini Confession #8
    Fear .
    Today , during Motivational Workshop #1 , the trainer asked us a question .
    " What is your fear in life ? And , how do you overcome that fear ? "
    I thought about that question , and realised that I couldn't get a clear answer for it .
    Thus , I wrote it down on a note ; and decided to blog it after thinking .
    Right now , since you're reading this , it's clear that I found my fear .
    My fear in life .. is also defined by Atelphobia .
    Maybe it's just me , maybe it's my psychological thinking .
    But , I fear of not being good enough .
    Be it for myself , parents , boyfriend , friends , peers .. I'm just afraid .
    I make it hard for myself .. I admit that .
    When people say things jokingly to me , I take it seriously .
    You can tell me " Oh , you're so fat / chubby ; why would anyone want you ? "
    It makes me think , are you saying I'm not good enough for my boyfriend ?
    Sometimes , I wonder if anyone really thinks that way .
    That I'm , just not good enough .

    Friday, 5 July 2013

    Through Gerwyn's Eyes #13 - Is bullying really that fun ?

    Through Gerwyn's Eyes #13
    Is bullying really that fun ?

    Have you been a victim of bullying before ?
    Or worse , have you been the bully ?
    In this post today , I'll share on how I've been " bullied " ; and also , show you what bullying can do to others . In addition , I'll be sharing about why I have no ASKFM account ; as well as why I don't have one . PS : This post is inspired by Cosmic Sparkles , for sharing a video of Kelly Clarkson's " People Like Us " MV :)
    Firstly , I'll share my experience and also , what bullying can do to you .
    When I was in Kindergarten , I wasn't bullied . In fact , I felt as though my friends were my family ; however , those innocent and naive days pass by so quickly .. When I was Primary 1 , there wasn't much bullying either . We were all rather close , except I remember I used to quarrel with the chairperson sometimes >< Then came Primary 2 , when my parents brought me home ( I was staying with my Aunt before that ) to take care of me . I grew fat FAST , like 5kg in less than 3 months . I have vague memory of Primary 2 & 3 , so I guess nothing bad happened ?
    Then , Primary 4 ~ 6 .. I started receiving negative comments of my body size , people calling me fat , ugly and everything . I remember having someone I used to like , calling me ugly . That was it , I made the decision to stop all this nonsense ; I started to become even more outspoken ( not what people would normally do ? ) to cover up the flaws I see in myself .
    Secondary School life started , I thought that things would get better ; new friends ! I was really scared to make friends then , because I would be affected by the voice in my head ; saying I was too fat and ugly to have any friends . Sure enough , I have a bunch of haters . I didn't know why either , but I used to trust a friend that backstabbed me . I told this friend my secrets and troubles .. And one day , she turned against me and started to spread rumours about me that weren't true . Words got twisted , things got messed up ; rumours were everywhere , strangers stare at me .. I started with my current boyfriend in Secondary 1 , and our relationship is never perfect . Thus , people started spreading mean things about me ; and there was even a rumour that I was lesbian because I'm close to some of my friends .
    Then came cyber-attack . I had a blog then , before I had this . I closed it . Why ? I left a chatbox in my blog , hoping people would tell me how to improve my blog . But no , people used it to post HURTFUL comments . What more ? ANONYMOUSLY .
    I kept this a secret , and only a few people know about this .. But there was once , I slit my wrist during lesson in school . The teacher was showing a video , and I just took my penknife and made a gentle slit . No , it wasn't life-threatening ; but it was still bleeding , I was too afraid to make a big one .
    I started to cry after that . Thinking why I did that to myself , because of a stranger's comment of me . I started to change . I believed in myself , I started to slim down . No , it wasn't a lot previously ; but I was happy with losing 2kg . I told myself I shouldn't let someone else define me , and even more ; I shouldn't let them control my life . Nobody was in control , nobody but me .
    Bullying is no laughing matter , be it verbal , physical or cyber . It doesn't only pull one's self-esteem , it makes one struggle with themselves . And sometimes , people can't take that pressure and start slitting their wrists or having suicidal thoughts . I struggled with myself , and there are people struggling with themselves till now . While you're reading this , there ARE people somewhere , crying because they were bullied .
    Some examples I've seen of bullying , and it's affecting people around me too .
    Recently , there are people around me that are getting the adverse effects of bullying . Friend A started a Youtube channel , standing up for himself against all his bullies in ASKFM . Friend B is getting attacked on ASKFM , by anonymous people . It hurts to see people DELIBERATELY hurting each other , especially when we did nothing to them .
    Why I don't have an ASKFM account ?
    I don't want the bullies to start again , I don't want history to repeat . Also , if there is anything that anyone wants to say ; I would rather they tell me in my face . Not by some ANONYMOUS comment . If you hate me , tell me why ; don't get into some platform just to say some rude comments .
    Bullying leads to .. Suicide ?
    I'll just briefly touch on this topic . There was the Amanda Todd incident previously , where she suicided because of bullies giving verbal abuse . While I was searching for the ASKFM logo in Google , Jessica Laney popped out . Who is she ? She is a victim who suicided because of ASKFM . Even though people couldn't find evidence she suicided because of cyberbullying , I feel that the people are just mean . Why would you want to put someone down like that ? If people suicided , would you be happy ?
    To everyone that is still reading !
    I'm thankful for singers like Kelly Clarkson , Avril Lavigne and much more ; for standing up for the people like us , getting bullied and feeling like an outcast . Don't ever let anyone say that you're not good enough . Don't let others define you . Don't let body sizes stop you from being who you are . Love yourself , and you'll find that things would get better :) Thank you for reading , and I hope you stay strong too ^^
    Just a side note , I feel like writing these words on visible parts of my body ; and go to places like the town area . Anyone with me ? :P