Monday, 22 April 2013

Food For Thought #6 - Dreams & Aspirations

Food For Thought #6
Dreams & Aspirations
Have you ever thought about what you want to be when you grow up ?
This question is now very important to me cause .. In less than 7 months time , I would have to decide on my course that would take me to where I want to be ; to become who I dreamed to be .
What I want to be when I was in ..
Kindergarten - I wanted to become a teacher . Back then , I was inspired by my teachers in how their care and support help little children like us learn and grow everyday .
Primary School - I wanted to be an event organiser . I've planned my friends' birthdays before and several class outings . It was fun back then to plan and organise things ; and then see them become big successes .
Secondary School - Now , I want to be an accountant or a stay-home blogshop owner :P By blogshop , I do not mean what I have now . I meant people like Ohmysmoothies and other successful Livejournal blogshops . As for accounting , I've been doing well in my POA ( Principles of Accounts ) and I think that it would be fun .