Friday, 26 April 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #5 - Graduating Class of 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #5
Graduating Class of 2013

This will be a rather emotional blog post . At least , for me !

It is , and always has been , hard for me to say goodbye .
Be it graduating from kindergarten / primary school , or even just saying goodbye to someone close to me ; I would be scared .

I'm not scared of saying goodbye , I'm scared that I'll never see the people close to me every again ; I'm scared that those beautiful memories would fade away ..

Will our memories fade off as time goes by ?

I'm graduating from my school this year , and of course , I can't bear to . Perhaps I've complained about this school before , and also ranted about my friends and schoolmates . However , it doesn't change the fact that we spent 4 years growing up together , and trying to build bonds . Now , are bonds going to be broken ?

We , as humans , spend most of our lives trying to fit in . Be it into a school or even a clique , we can never really say that we are truly 100% ourselves .

No , not everyone in my class " likes " me . I mean , there are bound to be people that dislike something about you . Still , I've grown to understand the people in my class . After spending days and days with each other , I've learnt many things about them too .

Am I yours too ?

Being a girl , it's hard for me to just leave a class like this .
I admit , that through the years , some people were rather mean to me .
However , I don't want to bring all the unhappiness when we graduate .
I treat people who dislike me as their friends , and nobody would be emotionless while leaving a friend .

I've decided , that I want to do the following things before we graduate :

- Neoprints with all my close friends
Memories fade , photographs do too . Neoprints last longer , and it makes it more memorable too . I keep neoprints in my wallet , and I would take them out whenever I'm unhappy or upset .

Neoprints taken with my friends
- Graduation Gifts
I like to pamper my friends , especially those that I'm close with . I'd mostly be buying gifts for my friends ; or maybe classmates before the end of this year . I've planned roughly what I want to buy already ; but I would keep it a surprise ~

- Broken Relations
I hope to clear misunderstandings , and also to reduce haters , somehow . I don't know why people hate me , cause I'm sure they don't know me well . I don't know why I'm hated , or why rumours were spread . Maybe , there are haters stalking my blog right now ; maybe they're still criticizing me . I just hope to clear everything so that we can graduate happily .

Maybe life would be different after we graduate , maybe friends would not remain friends .
I love my friends , and I don't want to lose them ; as much as I would like to leave secondary school .

I've laughed , smiled and cried because of these four years .
But , when everything we have is gone ; everything we're taken for granted has disappeared , what would we have left ?
Would we still be friends with each other ? Would you still remember we have everything we used to do together ? Would our friendship last till we grow old ?