Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mini Confession #1 - Me , Myself and I ?

Mini Confession #1
Some people are two-faced , but me ? ..
I confess that .. There are several different sides of me :O
1. Blogshop Me
The " me " in blogshop would mostly be searching for the cheapest prices for items ; and typing with a smile MOST OF THE TIME :> The irony ? I could be lying in bed in pain / crying my heart out , but I'd still reply customers / blogshop owners with a smile :D
2. Me in School
I have people that HEARD about me ; but have never SEEN me . How ? Rumours of course . Last year , I heard from a friend that I just became close with ; that she heard about rumours about me two years ago , but she didn't see me before . In short , HEARD my rumour , don't KNOW me . Rumours of me ? Relationships . Not the length or anything , the person I'm with .
3. Me at Home
I'll mostly be reaching home dead tired , rushing all my homework / staring blankly into Facebook ; thinking about other random things . I would probably be eating without washing the dishes , and doing everything at the last minute . Crying at night , texting all day long ; my phone NEVER leaves me .
4. Me with my Boyfriend
Probably a 5-year-old stuck in a 16-year-old body ? Childish behaviour , foolish quarrels , cute-babyish voice . And yet , this is the closest to the real me .
5. Me with some organisation / person-in-charge
I would probably be having the best command of English here ; I don't even know where it comes from . Complete sentences that sound as though I'm some professional .
There are probably more ; but these are basically the types that you would still WANT to be friends with XD Think you know me ? Think again :P NOBODY has ever seen the REAL me .
Taken in November 2012