Friday, 19 April 2013

Mini Confession #4 - Just another girl ?

Mini Confession #4
Keep me safe tonight .
I confess that .. I LOVE TEDDYBEARS .
I wonder if this is normal ( probably not XD ) , but I still love teddybears . In fact , I now love them more than I used to as a child . I do not have a big collection ; but I have 11 small bears and 2 big bears :> They range from 7cm ~ 150cm !
Part of my collection ; the pinkish thing at the back are the ears of the 1.5m one !
I know I'm like , turning 16 in exactly 3 months , but I still love teddybears ! Today , I will share the main reason why ..
- The content below are things that have been kept with me for 15 years and 9 months , LOL . It's up to you whether you want to believe me -
I'm only posting this because some people feel that I'm childish because I love teddybears at this age ; but I have my reasons .
When I was young , while taking my daily nap , I closed my eyes and I felt something dark following me . Not just following , trying to take me away . I couldn't get up from this " dream " , neither could I move or anything . I didn't know what it was , and I was afraid to tell my parents .
So , I thought nothing happened . However , as time goes by , I realised that I can sometimes see those dark shadows in my daily life . For example , I could be in school ; but those shadows would probably be trailing around the walls , but they can't leave the walls . From then on , I would be scared to go near the walls whenever I see these shadows .
Up until two years ago , I still see these shadows . However , they seemed to disappear recently . After this explanation , why do I need teddybears ?
Yes , I'm scared of those shadows .
I like to make myself believe that somehow , these teddybears protect me at night .
Ever since I started to get more and more teddybears , these shadows seem to stay further away from me . Maybe it's just my imagination / illusion , but , it keeps me feeling secured .
As such , on a side note , I feel insecured easily . This means .. I'm EXTREMELY huggable . You can hug me all you want , and all I would ever probably ask for are :
- hugs
- teddybears