Saturday, 13 April 2013

Food for Thought #2 - School Rules ?

Food for Thought #2
School Rules ?
Throughout my years in Secondary School , I've been hearing people talk about what I'm going to be talking about today ; does certain school rules make sense ?

No offence is intended to anyone .
Let's start from head to toe !
1) Fringe must be above eyebrows
Anyone ever thought ; how does my fringe even affect my studies ? Well , I can't really say that I object with this , cause I've "experimented" with this rule before :P In Secondary 1 and 2 , I feel like " Why do we even need to put our fringe up / above our eyebrows ? It's just ridiculous . " However , when I reached Secondary 3 , I started to tie my fringe to the back as well ( my fringe is long as it hasn't been cut for 2 years :> ) . I started to concentrate better without having to worry about my fringe . There was no need to re-tie my hair ( I just tie my hair in some ponytail throughout ) , no need to comb my fringe or "re-style" my fringe in class :>

Ashley Tisdale - How do you concentrate with hair this fabulous ? 
2) Hair colour
Oh , so I dyed my hair red ; I can't concentrate anymore ! No , there is NO such thing like that . But , as a student , I guess that we have to all LOOK like students . Unless , of course , the school rules say you have to dye your hair ( That would be cool ! ) XD One reason I'm looking forward to graduating : time to dye my hair :>

I whip my hair back and forth ~
3) Colour of hair clips / hairties
This is just something I don't really understand . Only dark coloured ( black , brown , navy blue ) hair clips and hair ties are allowed . It's not like the colour of our hairclips / hair tie would affect how we study ; but then again imagine this :
Waitwait , okay ~ I'm ready for school ! XD
4) School badges
For my school , we have to pin on a collar pin with our school badge everyday . The only thing I'm thinking : Why can't we just  get an iron-on school logo ? I have nothing against this , just that when you forget to wear it - you have to buy another one . I probably bought a whole collection of collar badges already ><
5) Fanciful Earrings
I personally do not have any earholes , however , there is a rule that states no fanciful earrings allowed . Other than the fact that it captures people's attention AND people that dislike you may just tear your ear apart ( Sorry for the disgusting visual ! ) , I don't see anything wrong about fanciful earrings ><
6) Changing back to School Uniform
I'm not sure about other schools ; but my school requires us to change back to uniform whenever we have PE . For example , you have PE before recess . You can come to school in PE , but you have to change back to school uniform during recess . On the other hand , if you have PE after recess , you have to report to school in school uniform , and change to PE attire during recess . This is troublesome to students ; and a hassle to parents / the washing machine XD My mum always says " Why do you have to change back to uniform ? Then you perspiring and change back , you will still reek of perspiration . What's the point ? Make me wash another set of clothes . " It's not my fault mum !
7) Fancy Spectacle Frames
Why are spectacle frames supposedly affecting our studies ?

I'm sorry teacher , could you repeat what you said ?
8) Makeup and Contact Lenses
I didn't know contact lenses were not allowed in my school , saw too many people wearing them :X But still , nothing much wrong with NATURAL makeup ; but schools will never allow fanciful lenses :<

Hello Kitty Lenses !

9) Long / Styled Fingernails
Not a problem to me ; I hardly have any fingernails :( But to some others , they may feel like fingernails don't affect studies . I think that fingernails don't affect studies , but we still have to look our part as a student ?

10) Socks
The last item on the list : Socks . Other than looking like a student ; there aren't many reasons why socks can't be at / lower than ankle level . However , I would rather dress Japanese Style :<

I want to study in Japan :<