Thursday, 11 April 2013

Rants #3 - Where do you study ?

Where do you study ?
I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem !
Have you ever wanted to study for your tests or examinations ? Or maybe , just want to complete some of your overdue homework ? Believe or not , I have . BUT , the turnoff is NOT studying , it is not having a PLACE to study .
Let's see some locations people would normally suggest and why I can't study there :
1) School
Well , you have been in school for at least 6 hours already , and even some of my friends feel that staying in school to study can be a hassle . Firstly , where in the school would you study ? The canteen seems so lonely , the library seems awkward , the classroom makes you feel that you did something wrong . Secondly , to me , whenever I stay in school to study , there is just that feeling of stress pressing down my shoulders .

2) Public / National Library
Have you ever really been there to study ? I mean , it's like FULL most of the time . No more chairs available and libraries don't allow you to study on the floor . The only solution ? Queue up before the library opens or find somewhere else .
3) Fastfood / Dining places
By dining places , I do not mean places like Manhattan Fish Market / Swensens . Perhaps Macdonalds , KFC or other coffeeshops ? Initially , it may seem like a good plan . Then , the food starts to make you hungry . So what ? You will start eating and probably neglect your homework / studies after that .
4) Home
Since it's so troublesome , why not just study at home ? For me , my house is just .. messy . Okay , I contribute mostly to it ; but still , with the television , kitchen , computers , aircondition around ; it's hard to concentrate . Even if you lock yourself in the toilet to study ( I'm just exaggerating , please don't ! ) , you may have siblings ( I don't >< ) or family members that would be watching the television , eating , chatting or quarrelling . Then , your focus is gone .

5) Void Deck
I've tried , literally . Bringing all my things down ; then finding a spot to study . Firstly , the people around my neighbourhood are not very environmentally friendly . They leave thrash behind , and probably dirty up the place . Tables with stains and wrappers , seats with spills and cigarettes . Well , you can clean up or find somewhere else . Suppose you found a void deck to study at . Then , you will feel that " I should be home studying , it's so much more comfortable " then slowly convince yourself to go back home .

Let's STUDY here !
6) MRT
I know it may sound ridiculous ; but I have tried . The MAXIMUM time limit you can stay in the MRT stations WITHOUT tapping out is 2 hours ( I found out the hard way when I overstayed for 2 hours ) . So , you can probably study at the seats in the MRT . Seem like you can do it ? This is Singapore . Where there is STOMP and people who judge everywhere they go . If you don't mind people staring at you , you can try it ! Even if you can , how about the CCTV ? The SMRT crew probably uses them to look for suspicious people . Well , students sitting on the floor using the seats as a table to do their homework ; suspicious enough ?

7) MRT Trains / Buses
Call me desperate if you want . There were a few times I had so much homework to do , and I had meetups as well ; I decided to complete my homework on the train . At times , I'm lucky to have a seat . But then again , I don't have Lady Luck on my side . I spend most times standing at the corners , putting my composition book against the glass panel and doing my homework ( I wonder if anyone STOMPed me ) . The problem ? The buses / MRTs jerk a lot . As in , they move very frequently ( like duhh ; if not how would you get to your destination ? ) and it distorts ( exaggerated but really , try it and you'll understand ) . Then , you face people staring at you too .

8) Toilets
Yes , it's absurd . But still , I tried too >< Imaging sitting on the toilet ( toilet seat down of course ) and doing your homework on your lap . Sounds like a solution ? Haha , wait till the pungent fragrance ( how ironic are these two words together ? ) gets into your noses and then answer my question .

I don't know of anywhere else that you can study anymore .