Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Slim & Fit #1 - Slimming Clothes

Slim & Fit #1
Slimming Clothes

New section ! In this section , I will be sharing some ways to keep fit / slim ~
For this post ; slimming clothes !

Slimming Shorts - $13 mailed
Arm Shaper - $10 mailed
Tummy Burner - $45 mailed
Legs Shaper / Slimming Socks - $12 mailed
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ADVERTORIAL - Everything's untold .

Somethingswillalwaysbeleftuntold ; exceptforthis !

This babe ; has many pretty shorts !
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Shall not expose the sizes and prices ; go see for yourself !
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ADVERTORIAL - Judith Krison

Amazinglycheapcustomisedshorts !
That is my pair of shorts ! XD Pretty max .
Take a look at some other items !


Moustache Green Dips - Highwaist
39cm across, 31cm down (Size L)


Lightning Pink Dips - Highwaist
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Tribal - Black & White - Midwaist
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Tribal - Blue & Red - Midwaist
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Brandnew Dark Grey Feathers top. One piece only.
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Through Gerwyn's Eyes #7 -What is NAPFA 2.4KM truly testing ?

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #7
What is NAPFA 2.4KM truly testing ?
NAPFA tests ; whether it is 1.6KM run , 2.4KM run or 3.2KM run , what are the main things that it's testing you ?
Some may think that it's all about stamina . I agree that stamina is important when you're trying to run a distance that you don't do everyday . This means , you have to train months beforehand ; so that you can do well for the run itself .
However , I feel that the willpower and self-determination is also important . I did my 2.4KM run today ( extended after a long time due to my health ) ; and at first , I admit that I didn't think that I would be able to finish running today .
I haven't been training for probably a month ( OOPS ! ) and I've also been slacking >< This made me worried just now . However , while running ; I realised that it was my willpower that made it difficult .
Running with a weak stamina is one thing ; running with a weak mind is another . After a few rounds ( total of 8 X_X ) , I started to feel the sudden rush of energy taking a toll on my body . I've yet to recover ; or rather I can't . And yet , I pushed my body through completing my 2.4KM .
I told myself that I could do it . I told myself that it's just a few more steps . But , there is a voice inside my head saying , " just stop running and rest for a while , you know you can't take it anymore . " This happens everytime I felt breathless .
Stamina . Willpower . Determination .

Food for Thought #9 - Influential Life

Food For Thought #9
Influential Life
How easily does the surroundings influence you ?
Chicken Victoria
Let's see ; so .. during assembly today , the speaker spoke about something that related to Swensens . Guess what ? After school , my friend and I went to Swensens to eat .
Easily influenced by our surroundings , I guess . Look !
Guilty Indulgence

This is not what I wanted to eat ; but after almost 7 months , I just had to have fries again !

The cherry on top slid off before I took the photo T.T But still , all these , just because someone spoke about Swensens ?

How often do you find yourself doing something just because someone talked about it and you felt like doing it ?

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #6 - Rumour Has It .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #6
Rumour Has It .
So , I'm going to face what I've been hiding in my heart for a very long time . It's time to let it all out , before it turns into something that makes me crumble .
As stated on the title , rumours . Before that , I have to admit that .. Like every single human in this world , I know I have haters . And , I'm aware of that .
Okay now , - heaves a big sigh - . I'm okay with the fact that I have haters ; who doesn't ? But , I just don't understand / like rumours . Firstly , I know everyone is different and unique . But , is there a need to spread unnecessary rumours ? I'll share with you my WORST experience of rumours .
Here goes everything . 3 years ago , I was just an ordinary Secondary 1 (13 years old )that tried to fit in into the new Secondary school atmosphere . However , I had a boyfriend with a rather significant age gap of 8 years ( He was 22 years old then ) .
I know , the age gap is big . I know , it doesn't sound right . I know , it is very complicated .
However , out of a sudden , one of my closest friends ( I don't have specific best friends cause they're all equal to me ) decided to spread rumours about me . And wow , it spreaded like wildfire .
I didn't really notice it till a few weeks later . Every recess , I would see cliques staring and pointing fingers at me . I would see people whispering to each other and glare at me ; as though they were talking about me , which they were of course . Also , I was sort of an " outcast " in my class .
Out of 40 people , I had less than 10 friends in my class . This upsetted me a lot , cause back then , I was still a little bit of a " bad girl " ; just that nobody knew that side of me yet . I know it's an overdue post of 3 years , but I'm blogging about this right now cause it was a topic my friend and I were talking about just now .
Last year , probably nearer to the end ; my friends and I ( friends that I got to know only at Secondary 3 , for probably 9 months or so ) went out together . We were talking heart-to-heart , and guess what ? They revealed something I never thought about . I didn't know that rumours could spread this wide . How wide ? My friends told me that " I know there is this girl in this school from class ___ that has a 20+ year old boyfriend , but I didn't know it was you until you told me . In fact , I didn't even know who you were . "
This rumour may seem like nothing to you ; and I'm not that upset over the rumour . I just , don't understand it . I mean , so what if my boyfriend is older than me ? I just couldn't understand why I became an outcast just because I had an older boyfriend .
Why am I even posting about these rumours ? Because even though it was an incident 3 years ago , it still hurts today . My friend and I was talking about random topics , and suddenly this came up . I showed a poker face , but my heart was still hurting . I may / may not have spread rumours myself before , but if I ever did , it wasn't on purpose .
Words don't only hurt , they leave scars . Scars that you can't see , but will always be there . Trust is like a paper ; once crumbled it can never be the way it was . Rumours are like people slitting your heart , and time is like stitches made using strings to cover the wounds up ; but it will always hurt once someone tries to cut open those fragile strings .
The above highlighted quote is by me ; haha ><
Rumour has it , I'm not gonna hurt anymore .

Food For Thought #8 - Healthy Lifestyle ?

Food For Thought #8
Healthy Lifestyle ?
Do you think you can resist the temptations ?
Foodporn :P
The foodporn above ( I'm so sorry for making you feel hungry ! ) was my friend's lunch for today -- Pique.Nique at Jcube . HOWEVER , I am sort of on a diet ( I admit it okay ; I want to drop a UK size ! ) , so I decided on something else ..
Majorturnoff .
That is my dinner ; I know it's healthy , but it tasted .. eww . I'm not saying that vegetables are not nice / vegan diet is bad ; I just decided on salads instead of slightly unhealthier stuff . And , I regretted , so much .
I spent $30 on two bowls of vegetables ( salads ) . Why would salads cost so much ? One is from Pique.Nique , another ( the photo above ) is from The Ship at Nex . It has eggs , some kind of fermented cheese , lettuce , tomatoes , avocado and olives . OMG , it sounded tasty in the menu ; but I have never eaten olives or avocado before . I'm not used to it !
Maybe it's more for people that are enthusiatic with food like that >< 

Friday, 26 April 2013

Precious Friendship , Beautiful Memories - Girl Next Door

Chang Yen Kee - The Girl Next Door
I thank you , from the bottom of my heart .
If you are reading this ; I'm sorry for ripping your photos from your profile XD And also , excuse me for the unglam photos below ( I'm more unglam than you though :< ) !
Ohmygosh ! Hahahaha :X
I want to thank you for so many reasons , I can't list them all ; but I guess you would understand ! I'm sorry , because I don't remember how we became friends in the first place ; but I remember how our friendship progressed XD
Thank you .. for accompanying me for A Math !
I know , I'm like some crazy girl that wants to stay back on a Friday just to go for consultation for a subject I wanted to drop before . Also , I know you would mostly be thinking about going home as well , but thankyou for accompanying me !
Thank you .. for your listening ear !
Maybe , I've probably been ranting .. A LOT , to you . Thankyou for listening to my rants , and also giving me the words of encouragement ! I know I rant a lot , but it's also nice to share rants to people that can relate to ! I've probably explained to you somehow , that I don't really have anyone to rant to ; and sorry for ranting almost everyday to you ><
Thank you .. for going to places with me !
That sounds .. weird . Haha >< What I mean is , thankyou for going to blogshop meetups / the post office with me , and also to places to SHOP :> I know sometimes , our indecisiveness has became an obstacle on deciding where we want to go ; but I want to thankyou for being willing to go do my blogshop stuff with me !
Maybe our friendship would last after we graduate , maybe we would go to the same school . But promise me , let's have fun preparing for Prom / Graduation Night ; and let's do things after O' Levels that we have always been saying since the start of this year . Maybe we may quarrel ( very unlikely ) through the remaining months ; and maybe our friendship would take a turn for better or for worse . But , know that you're one of my best friends , and I love you ( as a friend of course :P ) !

ADVERTORIAL - To Infinity and Beyond

I'llcherishtheseapparelstoinfinityandbeyond .
I'll be sharing an awesome seller today ! Her name is somehow related to the picture above !
Anyways , here are some items that she is selling ~
Crochet Laced Dress - $20
OM Collared Dress - $18
Cloud Crop Top - $13

UK10 Gradient Shorts - $35
FOX Pullover - $25
Kleancolour Disco Ball - $10.50
She is none other than .. COSMIC SPARKLES !


Through Gerwyn's Eyes #5 - Graduating Class of 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #5
Graduating Class of 2013

This will be a rather emotional blog post . At least , for me !

It is , and always has been , hard for me to say goodbye .
Be it graduating from kindergarten / primary school , or even just saying goodbye to someone close to me ; I would be scared .

I'm not scared of saying goodbye , I'm scared that I'll never see the people close to me every again ; I'm scared that those beautiful memories would fade away ..

Will our memories fade off as time goes by ?

I'm graduating from my school this year , and of course , I can't bear to . Perhaps I've complained about this school before , and also ranted about my friends and schoolmates . However , it doesn't change the fact that we spent 4 years growing up together , and trying to build bonds . Now , are bonds going to be broken ?

We , as humans , spend most of our lives trying to fit in . Be it into a school or even a clique , we can never really say that we are truly 100% ourselves .

No , not everyone in my class " likes " me . I mean , there are bound to be people that dislike something about you . Still , I've grown to understand the people in my class . After spending days and days with each other , I've learnt many things about them too .

Am I yours too ?

Being a girl , it's hard for me to just leave a class like this .
I admit , that through the years , some people were rather mean to me .
However , I don't want to bring all the unhappiness when we graduate .
I treat people who dislike me as their friends , and nobody would be emotionless while leaving a friend .

I've decided , that I want to do the following things before we graduate :

- Neoprints with all my close friends
Memories fade , photographs do too . Neoprints last longer , and it makes it more memorable too . I keep neoprints in my wallet , and I would take them out whenever I'm unhappy or upset .

Neoprints taken with my friends
- Graduation Gifts
I like to pamper my friends , especially those that I'm close with . I'd mostly be buying gifts for my friends ; or maybe classmates before the end of this year . I've planned roughly what I want to buy already ; but I would keep it a surprise ~

- Broken Relations
I hope to clear misunderstandings , and also to reduce haters , somehow . I don't know why people hate me , cause I'm sure they don't know me well . I don't know why I'm hated , or why rumours were spread . Maybe , there are haters stalking my blog right now ; maybe they're still criticizing me . I just hope to clear everything so that we can graduate happily .

Maybe life would be different after we graduate , maybe friends would not remain friends .
I love my friends , and I don't want to lose them ; as much as I would like to leave secondary school .

I've laughed , smiled and cried because of these four years .
But , when everything we have is gone ; everything we're taken for granted has disappeared , what would we have left ?
Would we still be friends with each other ? Would you still remember we have everything we used to do together ? Would our friendship last till we grow old ?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Mini Confession #6 - Tear Me Apart

Mini Confession #6
Heartbroken .
I confess that .. I'm heartbroken .
Not in terms of relationship , in terms of handling a blogshop .
I've been handling blogshops for 4 years already , this is the 5th year . And , there are many UPs and DOWNs handling them . Today , I fell apart , again .
If you have ever bought from me / sold things to me , you would probably think that I'm some very " random " , " cute " and " kind " girl ( quoted from what other blogshops said ) . However , it has its cons too .
I know to many people , I may seem very kind . Let me give you an example . I've seen a blogshop posting a status update on Facebook of something similar to this :

" I bought the BNIP item at $20 , you want to buy it for $5 ? Nobody would give you this much discount even if you're a regular customer . "
Nobody but me .
I've sold many things that are worth $20 ~ $30 at only $5 ~ $10 , even though most are BNIP . However , some people think that because of this , it's easy to climb onto my head .
Here are some reasons that I am this " kind " to people :
- Good customer-seller relations
I want to establish this relation with all customers / sellers . I want to talk to a new customer like a regular customer , and joke with regular customers like I would joke with my friends . These relations would bring about many hidden benefits , such as having another friend , someone to relate to , and even get more discounts and free gifts .
- Treat others the way you want to be treated
I admit I have had many encounters with customers / sellers with bad attitude , and I've given a fair share to some customers as well . I apologise as I know I can get very emotional and become a emotional wreck sometimes . But , I will NEVER do it on purpose . Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of attitude problems , and I won't want to give it to anyone too .
- Respect
Customers are also to be respected ; it's not their money that we as blogshop owners are after . All I actually want is mostly good relations . I want to make friends with customers / sellers and not have unhappy encounters .
- Not to let history repeat itself
If you don't know , I was actually a really mean blogshop owner before . No discounts , no negotiations , no trades . What did that bring me ? No customers . I decided to change over time , and maybe I'm just too kind right now .
- Soft-hearted
I'm born a soft-hearted person . If you say you are cash tight , I will give you discounts / try to accommodate to your needs so that you can still get the items you want from me even in a financial situation . I would rather I make losses than for a customer to leave disappointed .
I'll get really happy when I receive letters / notes / simple compliments from customers / sellers . They may seem like simple words to you , but they mean a lot to blogshop owners that went through a lot . If you just put a smiley behind every reply , or say a simple " thank-you " , it's good enough for me .
My heart was broken when I saw a customer of mine post this after some misunderstandings :
" I always thought that you were one of the best blogshops I have ever shopped from . "
Maybe it wasn't aimed at me . However , it still hurt . Because there were some sort of misunderstandings just now and it was somehow a decision of who to be blamed .
I do not like to argue with people . I don't find trouble for nothing and I always want my customers to be happy . But , I can't keep everyone happy cause someone would be upset in the end . I would rather admit that I'm at fault , than to just continue arguing cause arguments doesn't lead anywhere other than conflicts .
I know it seems silly , but I cried because of this . I've always thought I was doing my best to keep my customers happy . Maybe , my best is not good enough .
I really wish someday , people would be able to see what I really mean from my heart . Someday , someone would understand me .. I'm happy to meet many of my blogshop friends . Somehow , we've became like best friends , and sharing our weal , woe and even rants with each other . I'm thankful for all these people , I'm thankful that they're in my life .