Thursday, 11 April 2013

Rants #2 - World's Strictest Parents ( Singapore )

Think your parents are strict ?
No , I do NOT have a problem with Singapore . I made a post previously regarding Life in Singapore ; and I've recently watched this on YouTube .
Have you ever thought that your parents are strict ? This family is known to have the " strictest " parents of Singapore .
Video Part 1 - World's Strictest Parents ( Singapore )
Two teens from Australia are sent to Singapore for a week .
Take a look at how they find Singapore , and whether the parents are considered strict to you !
In my opinion , I feel that these parents are not that strict :X However , they are definitely more strict than my parents . My parents may constantly nag at me and all ; but I've never been grounded before . Maybe that's the life of a single child family ?
Video Part 2 - World's Strictest Parents ( Singapore )