Saturday, 6 April 2013

ADVERTORIAL - Konjac Sponges


What is Konjac ?
Konjac (known as Konnyaku in Japan ) is a popular and healthy vegetable in Korea and Japan , a perennial herb in aroid family and since ancient times, it has been widely used as a medical and edible natural plant.
What's so good about the Konjac Sponge?
- 100% Natural
- No preservatives / artificial pigment
- 4 different types
- Made from vegetable fiber
- Suitable for face and body
- Suitable for all ages ( baby ~ adult )
- Gentle to the skin , yet exfoliates dead cells while wiping the face and body, and leaves behind a colloid film to nourish and protect your skin
- Suitable for sensitive skin
What are the different types of Konjac Sponge ?
- Natural / Original
  For all skin types .
  Get rids of dirt effectively
  Exfoliating Effect
  Moisturizing Effect
  Suitable for day use ( brightens you for the day )
- Yellow Soil
  Refreshs skin
  Absorbs impurities
  Exfoliating effect
  Fights acne / pimples
- Green Tea
  Suppress excess sebum
  Improves skin tone
  Cleanses pores
- Red Clay
  Deep cleansing
  Improves skin texture
  Reduces wrinkles
  Exfoliating effect
- Charcoal
  Fights acne / pimples
  Contains minerals
  Promotes metabolism
  Suitable for night use ( cleanse the face/body after a full day of exposure to weather / dirt / dust )
How does the Konjac Sponge work ?
-Exfoliates skin gently with no preservatives and contains no additives.
-Moisturizes your skin naturally - more moisturized skin within 2 weeks.

How to use the Konjac Sponge ?
1) Wash your face with your daily cleanser .
2) Open the packaging . 
3) After opening the packaging , it should look like this ( refer to picture below , mine is in LIMITED EDITION HEART ) .
4) Rinse the sponge several times with clean water and squeeze with hands to rid excess water .
5) Do not twist or squeeze the sponge too hard as it may damage the sponge .
6) Rinse the sponge once and apply your desired cleanser ( optional / you can cleanse your face before you use it ) . For sensitive skin , it is recommended that you just use the sponge .
7) Rinse the sponge once again after use .
8) Squeeze the excess water out .
9) You may try keeping the sponge in a container/bag and keep in the refrigerator to prolong the life of the sponge ( My Konjac Sponge comes with a resealable packaging ) .
10) It is recommended that you change your sponge every 1 ~ 2 months .

Step-by-step Tutorial by Gerwyn Ang
How much does the Konjac Sponge cost ?
Each sponge costs $5.90 inclusive of normal postage :)
Where can I get it ?
The seller is .. SERAPHINA PHAY !

For more details / enquiries / orders , she's on FACEBOOK at :