Friday, 19 April 2013

Rants #5 - I still love you .

I still love you no matter what .
So , the 17th of every month is my monthsary ; and it is now the 39th monthsary . My boyfriend and I quarrelled again , which almost led to us breaking up .
This is not really a rant , and he may not even see this .
Recently , all we talk about is just about our love . Would you ever leave me ? Why do you love me ? As fragile as this relationship is , I just feel like blogging about it . Despite all the ups and downs , I still love you .

Neoprint - Gerwyn's beloved !

The guy in that photo ; he's my beloved . There have been instances that we broke apart because of other people . There were instances that both of us flirted with others , but we held together for so long . 3 years and 3 months have passed since I first met you ; 3 and a half years since I first knew about your existence .
I don't have anymore gifts for you ; cause our love is a gift itself . Gifts that you have given me , things that you have said to me .. I didn't forget them . I remembered you saying " I have never spent so much ( $150 ) on something  ( my teddybear ) for any girl , and bought it without any hesitation before " when you bought me my gigantic teddybear .
I know I'm not the slim-est / prettiest / sweetest / kindest / best girl in this world . But , you have to know that I love you .  Years after years , from NS till now ; I've seen you grow from an Ahboy to a man .
I admit that I was afraid of you when we first met ; but you touched my heart when you came to meet me after booking out even though you were having a fever . Maybe that was how you flirted and all , but I'm thankful for it . Cause , it made me fall in love with you .
From how you used to smoke and drink , get yourself drunk ; to how I took care of you .. And nowadays , you even ask me for " permission " or tell me when you want to smoke . From how you used to be a little unreasonable ( no offence ! XD ) ; to how you are my sweetest boy now .. I've seen you grown more sensible . I see how you changed , be it because of me or not .
We've been through so much together , I'm sure you know how hard this relationship is . I love you , and I will never stop loving you .