Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mini Confession #14 - Last Day of August !

Mini Confession #14
Last Day of August !
So .. Yesterday was 31st August , the last day of August .
Also , it was a great day for many people ; including me !
So , what happened ?
Well . For starters , I had an AWESOME OOTD .
F21 Rose Tank : From Little Pretty Daisy
Black Acidwashed Highwaist : From Remix Loots
Okay so , I went for my "normal" meetups yesterday ..
Then , I realised ; it wasn't a normal day AT ALL .
For the past few days , I've been hard on myself because of exams .
And I've posted my frustrations on Facebook , I DID NOT expect anything but just a place to rant .
However , some of my dearest babes surprised me yesterday >< Firstly , my super-sweet customer ( also selling items herself ) , Ming Hui , gave these to me ! I swear , it was a HUGE bag .. And there are so many things inside ! OMG , I cried yesterday T.T

Her items were really nice , and if you're reading this .. I have to say a big THANK YOU ! However , most of the items were not really what I can wear ( in terms of size / style etc ) ; so I decided to give them to some of my friends that would treasure them as much as I do .. But , I kept the eraser , polkadot hairband , tube dress & the small little note with the keychains :)

After which , I met with my dearest Palette Colours ! She told me previously that she had some things to give me , and they were really adorable too XD

Then , I waited for Piccolo Volpino to pass me my skater dress ; while I passed her the eyeshadow palette I promised for my giveaway ^^ She gave me free lip tattoo and armcandy as a gift ~ Then , I met Lovely Item's helper at Yishun MRT ! Received my items from both of them XD

So .. I went to buy myself a cup of Starbucks :>
White Chocolate Mocha Frappucino ><

Other than all the beloved gifts from people , I had quite a lot of loots this weekend ><
Firstly , Burntelbows Oh's temporary tattoos ! I'm getting these from her because they are ohsopretty . Also , I wanna do an advertorial for her :P She also has $5 sales going on for apparels ; help her to clear alright ? Tumblr-inspired tattoos are so chio , you sure you don't want to order them ? The photos below can be better seen here !

PS : The rates has been changed to USD by the supplier , these are imported .
Hence , do double-confirm with her for the rates alright !
Then , I've gotten a few pretty loots as well !

Pink Laced Crop , $15 from Wild Daisy

Black Corset Top , $11 from Ethereal Thorn

Black Studded Wedges , $13 from Emilyxy Berries
Cotton On Bottle , $6.50 from Cosmic Sparkles
Studded 3-way Bag , $18 from Gunsanddaisies Blogshop
Detox Prunes ( will be selling at $15 / box of 10 ! )
Previously was sold at $10 / box of 6 = $1.67 per piece
Now it's $15 / box of 10 = $1.50 per piece !

2D Minion , from Lovely Items
( Buy a minion tee and get this cutiepie for free ! )
Captain America Plush , $9.90 from Gift A Name
Teddybear Plush , $8.90 from Comics Connection
I've made a video for my boyfriend's birthday using cardstock that I've gotten from Popular .. OMG , $4.50 for 13 pieces of paper . How could paper cost that much .. So , I went over at night which I reached around 9pm ; and I wasn't feeling really well . My boyfriend gave me a cup of warm water and he was exploring my phone while I was resting >< He stumbled upon it , so I let him watch it :/
Anyways , the video can't be uploaded here .. so you would have to look at my facebook page ( Gerwyn's Sevenths ) if you want to look at it ><
Also , in case anyone wants to make this for your friend / teachers / boyfriend / girlfriend etc , here is the link where I got the inspiration :)
Thanks for reading ! Do support the babes above :]

Friday, 30 August 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #22 - TOTM

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #22
Time of the Month ( TOTM )
I'm sure I'm not the only one that curls up in bed wear the most comfortable pullover and sweatpants , just wishing I was never a girl ?
Thus , I'm sharing some tips on how to ease the pain ~
1) Lying in different positions
When the pain is unbearable , try lying down in different positions . Find one that you feel the least pain ; for me , I lie down in the position like the cartoon above ><
2) Invest in a heating pad
You can invest in a heating pad ( about $7 ~ $10 in Guardian ) , or get a warm NON-LEAK bottle to put over your abdomen area . The warmth will help ease the pain slightly !
3) Do some mild exercises
Yes , you'll probably be stuck in bed ; but try to get some mild exercises to keep the blood flowing .
4) Stay away from alcohol & coffee
The caffeine will NOT help .
5) Wear comfortable clothes
Stay away from bralets & tight-fitting clothes for a while ; suit up in your pullovers & sweatpants ~
6) Homemade Remedy
Things you'll need :
- 1 Pot
- 1 Stove
- 1 piece of Ginger
- 1 tablespoon of Brown Sugar
- Tap Water ( will be boiled later )
- 1 Knife
- 1 Ziploc Bag ( optional )
What to do :
1. Get rid of most of the "skin" of the ginger , be careful when handling with the knife !
2. Put the ginger in the ziploc bag & smash the ginger with the knife , be careful of your hands !
3. Take the ginger out and cut into managable pieces .
4. Pour the ginger , water & brown sugar into the pot .
5. Stir slightly while bringing it to a boil .
6. Drink while hot .

7) Warn other first !
I always send a message beforehand to people that I usually text , so that they know not to disturb me :P

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #21 - Hey Acne !

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #21
Hey Acne !
So .. A little background story for this post ~
One fine day , I saw a friend of mine ( Tiny Raindrops ) looking for an extractor for acne problems .. OOPS >< So , I shared some of the acne solutions that I know to her ; and she told me that I should share it publicly so that others can know them too . So , here it is :)

Therefore , this post would be on MY opinions on acne solutions . Since it's from my experience & what I've known and researched ; it is up to you whether you want to try it out . Also , different skin conditions have different needs ; so do not take this as a professional advice !
This is something I found on Yahoo , that worked for me ~
Things you need :
- Cotton Balls / Cotton Puffs
- Salt
- Lukewarm Water
- Clean Cup
- Honey

What to do :
1) Pour the WARM WATER into the CLEAN CUP .
2) Add SALT into the WATER ( Probably 5 spoons , you have to saturate the water with salt as it is aids in bacteria-killing ) .
3) Using the COTTON BALLS , soak it into the WARM SALT SOLUTION for 1 minute .
4) Take the COTTON BALLS out and press it down on the area you just popped / troubled acne for 3 MINUTES ( it should be warm and feel stingy as the salt is killing the bacteria ).
5) After that , use 2 CLEAN COTTON BALLS on both side of the troubled acne and push them together to flatten it .
6) Repeat for all troubled acne .
7) To complete it , use the HONEY to apply on the spots that you've popped ( you can use your CLEAN HANDS / COTTON BUD ) ; keep it on for around 20 MINUTES then wash away .
1) DO NOT touch your face with your hands , always use a tissue / handkerchief .
2) DO NOT leave your hair down , it may cover up the acne when you go out ; but it will not help it to recover .
3) For acne scars , you can use a SLICE OF LEMON and rub it gently over the scarred areas to lighten the pigmentation caused .
4) Wash your face with cleanser / toner / lotion every morning and night ; if you feel like you have to wash it in the afternoon , just wash using water . Applying too much products / washing for too many times may do more harm than good .
5) Instead of using oil blotting paper , use a tissue to gently tap on your face . DO NOT rub it across your face ( in fact , don't ever dry your face by rubbing across ) as it may spread the dust / germs to other acne areas . The reason for not using blotting paper is they may not suit your skin type / they may be dirty themselves .
6) Drink loads of water , and have fresh fruit and vegetables to help detox your body as well as to improve skin conditions .
7) By living healthily away from oily food , fried food , fast food etc ; you're saving your skin too ~
8) I try to use tissue whenever I can instead of using a towel to clean my face after a shower / freshening up . Towels have the bacteria of your "clean" body and the "clean" air around you , and some towels have fibres that may drop off as well .
9) CLEAN ICE CUBES may work too ; never use those from coffeeshops ( you never know where the water is from ) and maybe those at home ( if you suspect it's contaminated by poultry )
10) SLEEP is important too ! Your body needs to recharge itself , and while you're resting ; your body is actually repairing itself ~
11) Cut down on your STRESS ; I know it's hard , but relax yourself . Buy something you like , go sightseeing , eat something indulging ..
- SLEEP is important .
- Cut down on your STRESS levels .
- Have a HEALTHY diet .
- Drink about 1L ~ 2L of PLAIN WATER a day to help detox .


Eat Me #2 - Benefits of Honey

Eat Me #2
Benefits of Honey
Honey is a sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers. The variety produced by honey bees is the one most commonly referred to, as it is the type of honey collected by beekeepers and consumed by humans.
- Wikipedia
- Prevents cancer & heart disease
- Reduce ulcers & other gastrointestinal disorders
- Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal
- Increased athletic performance
- Reduce cough & throat irritation
- Improves eyesight , weight loss , diarhhoea , nausea & urinary tract disordes
- Regulates blood sugar
- Heals burns & wounds
- Probiotics
- Improves skin condition
- Anti-inflammatory
- Alfalfa
- Avocado
- Blueberry
- Buckwheat
- Clover
- Eucalyptus
- Fireweed
- Manuka
- Orange Blossom
- Sage
- Tupelo
- Wildflower
- Honey Blends
1) Darker honey tends to have higher antioxidant levels .
2) If you're looking to get health benefits from honey , choose the pure & raw honey .
I've been taking honey that have been bought from NTUC Supermarket . I'm recommending honey because it has worked for me . I have some digestive problems and gastrointestinal issues , so I've been taking honey . I coincidentally found out that it helped to detox my body . Also , wouldn't plain water taste better with a little bit of honey ?
1) Do not feed it to infants , there is a substance that may cause allergic reactions in infants ; which doesn't harm adults or older children .
2) Only take honey in small amounts , it's still a type of sugar anyways .
- Hangover relievers
- Soothe sore throats & cough
- Heals cuts , burns , wounds & scrapes
- Moisturize dry skin
- Condition damaged hair
- Remove acne
- Substitute of sugar
- Energy booster

Friday, 23 August 2013

Mini Confession #13 - Wish Upon A Star

Mini Confession #13
Wish Upon A Star
I admit .. I have many wishes .
I wish ..
To have distinctions for all my subjects in O Levels .
To score well in Prelims .
To be one of the Top students of the cohort / school .
I wish ..
My parents would stop criticising everything .
My parents could understand me better .
My parents could understand that it's critical period now and not yell at me for minute reasons .
My parents would stop insulting me .
I wish ..
School would be less stressful .
School would stop wasting time .
School would stop pushing people off the edge .
School would put less pressure on academics .
I wish ..
Life would be better .
Life would rewind .
Life would fast forward into the future .
Life would make it easier to live .
Live would make us feel less likely to suicide .
I wish ..
Stress didn't give me IBS .
Stress didn't give me Bipolar .
Stress didn't make me break down .
Stress didn't add up everyday .
I wish ..
People would stop changing .
People would stop criticising .
People would be more understanding .
People would stop spreading rumours .
People would stop gossiping .
People would stop changing themselves .
I wish ..
Rumours doesn't hurt .
Rumours didn't exist .
Rumours were told by fools .
I wish ..
The world would be peaceful .
There weren't any wars .
There weren't any natural disasters .
There weren't any riots .
I wish ..
History would focus more about Singapore .
History would not include wars and riots .
We could learn more about Singapore .
I wish ..
I'll understand life someday .
I'll stop feeling so bad .
I'll get better .
I'll be better appreciated .
I'll stop remembering the rumours .
I wish ..
Money isn't the root of problems .
Love would be made easier .
Life would be more relaxing .
Time didn't matter this much .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #20 - Could Time Rewind ?

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #20
Could Time Rewind ?
I wish time could rewind .
I wish time could bring me back to December because ..
I want to go back in time .
Back to the time when we were in Genting .
To the time when nothing else really mattered .
To the time when I could just lie in bed and think about life .
I wish time could bring me back to this time last year because ..
I want to tell myself of the things that's coming .
I want to be able to tell myself I had to work hard .
I want to be able to be the person I always wished to be .
I wish time could bring me back to 2010 because ..
I want to stop the rumours .
The rumours that hurt me so badly .
The rumours that haunt me till this day .
The rumours that people chose to believe in .
The rumours that made people believe words more than they believed me .
I wish time could bring me back to 2009 because ..
I want to stop myself from turning nice .
I'd be able to ignore peoples' comments .
I'd be able to be myself .
I'd be able to be better off .
I wish time could bring me back to 2003 because ..
I want to stay in my aunt's place .
Where I was disciplined .
Where I didn't become fat in the first place .
Where I didn't have to face my parents everyday .
Where I wouldn't be insulted by anyone else .

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #19 - Complacency ?

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #19
Complacency ?
What's being complacent ?

Are human beings complacent ?
Let's not target at any country / group of people . In general , are we considered complacent ? In my opinion , I feel that we are . I shall tie this topic with the " take-things-for-granted " side of human beings as well .
I'm sure I'm not the only one who realises this , but human beings take things for granted . I'm not an expert in the world situations , so I'll just use Singapore as an example .
How is Singapore complacent ?
Let me repeat , I'm NOT trying to offend anyone .
1. Weather
Singapore's weather has basically " 4 seasons " : Hot , Hotter , Hottest , Raining .
When the recent haze came , almost everyone ( including me , I admit alright ! ) was getting paranoid . Some were criticising Indonesia for causing the haze , others were being "happy" and praying that school would be postponed / cancelled . Don't say that I'm a pot calling the kettle black ( WOW ) , I admit doing that too .
When the sudden hailstones appeared , we were shocked and wondering where it came from . Also , there was even a video going around based on an extract of the news report .

2. Singapore's location
Maybe you've learnt somewhere in History / Social Studies , Singapore is a strategic place on Earth ; in the sense that we are almost " immune " to natural disasters .
When the flood in Orchard came about , some were worried about the damages to their shops ; others were shocked at a flood in Singapore . How about those major floods in other countries ? Damages worth millions maybe ? How about the lives lost ?
When the mini " earthquakes " came from other countries , we were worried about it . Also , we were blowing a small matter big .

3. Education
I'm guilty of being complacent for our education . We complain about the homework we have , and limited choices we have . In actual fact , we have quite a lot of choices in Singapore as well as going abroad . We also have many choices of tertiary education . In some other countries , there are children / teenagers like us ; that deserve education but aren't able to afford it .
4. Living & Sanitary Conditions
The cleanliness of our Singapore , have we been taken it for granted ? Anyways , we may sometimes complain that some public toilets are unsanitary , and some public places are full of litter . Who is responsible for that ? It's not like some random country flew above us and threw all the litter down . Fellow Singaporeans are responsible for it . Even so , people working CWO / cleaners we have are keeping Singapore clean ; we're also considered the Garden City . So , why must we complain ?
There are so many other things , but I shall not make this post too long . Do you get my point ? At times , we may think life is so bad here ; but in actual fact , we're not that bad ourselves . Why are we so unhappy ? Are we really that bad off , or are we
just being complacent ?

ADVERTORIAL - Little Pretty Daisy

Advertorial - Little Pretty Daisy
The pretty little daisies are awaiting you .
Anyways , this blogshop is managed by 2 people ( I think ? )
And they both have some pretty items !
So anyways , why support them ?
Well , one of the owners ; Owner K , is really nice ( I can't say about the other owner as I've yet to deal with her ! ) and she is saving up for a holiday trip with her family ! Do support them ~
So , what items do they sell ?
I shall let the pictures do the talking , alright ?


OOPS , this is mine XD
Where can I get these items ? ( Excluding the rose top , it's mine . )

ADVERTORIAL - Da PinkRubbish

Advertorial - Da PinkRubbish
The beautiful babe with the prettiest of things .
Firstly, if you're thinking " Why should I support her ? " ; I'll tell you why :P
- Her items are mad gorgeous .
- She is really nice ! ( unless you piss her off , I guess ? Nobody likes timewasters / people who MIA )
- She is clearing her items at cheap prices !
Why should I spend my money on her items ?
Because , you should be a kind soul and help her to raise enough money !
There are 2 main reasons she needs money :
2) Trip with her boyfriend overseas ( So sweet right ? Must support them alright ! )
What does she sell that is worth my money ?
- Squishies ( for all the squishy lovers out there )
- LJ loots ( she took money out of her own pocket to get these , help her to clear them ! )
- Personal loots ( those gorgeous pieces where you get on impulse but hardly wear )



Excuse me , but would you be able to resist the temptations of all those beauty up there ?
( Please don't say no , it doesn't hurt to take a look ! )
Where can I shop for these gorgeous items ?