Friday, 27 September 2013

Mini Confession #18 - Wake Up .

Mini Confession #18
Wake Up .

This post would be split into 2 parts : the recent PSLE as well as a wake up call for myself .
As I'm only taking my O levels this year ( in 20 days to be exact ) , I can't tell you life after Os . But , I can share with you life after Primary 6 Leaving Examinations ( PSLE ) .

Firstly , few days ago ( or was it yesterday .. ? ) , there has been many P6 students on Facebook commenting that the Mathematics Examination was easy . Shortly after , many people were commenting about the attitudes of the P6 students etc .

Part 1 : For students taking the PSLE / going to take PSLE ..
WAKE UP . I'm not sure whether Math is the first / last paper , but that doesn't mean that the rest of the papers would be easy . In fact , if it is easy , you should be even more worried . For examinations , there is a thing called STANDARDIZATION . If the whole cohort did really well , they will start looking into the small details . Recent news has also introduced the " Bell Curve " and also the " upgrade " of the grading system . That " A " will never be as easy anymore . To add on , Math is NOT the only subject that will affect your aggregrate score . Schools would probably raise their standards , and then you'll find yourself falling into another stream from the one you wanted .

After PSLE , no matter what grades you get , please start working hard FROM SECONDARY 1 . I know , it may seem as though O Levels is like 3 years down . But , you really need a strong foundation to be surviving in Secondary 3 & 4 . Life will only get harder .

Part 2 : For myself ..
Okay , this may be a little awkward to type to myself ; but I realised I have to wake up too .
So close yet so far , that is how O level is to me now . 20 days , it can be like " OMG SO LONG " or even " OMG , I'm left with 20 days ? "

Today will be the LAST DAY ( probably till 11/11/2013 ) that I'm blogging / doing things at my freewill . From tomorrow onwards , I'll be following a " secret training " schedule that I should have started long ago . I have a basic foundation of some knowledge , so I need to work on all my weak areas . Deep inside , I'm shaking because I'm scared my hard work will go to waste . However , I guess that everything would be over after that .

As for life after O Levels , I have SO MUCH to do . But the most important to me would be 18 November .. Because I'll bring my boyfriend to our own prom date :> Prom may be better with friends , but my own boy wouldn't be there ; and I see no point in going to prom anymore ..

HWAITING ! I know you can do it .

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