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Giving Back #3 - Project : Share The LOVE

Giving Back #3
Project : Share the LOVE
This is a project that I'm thinking to start up AFTER O LEVELS . However , I'm posting up the details here so that interested participants can prepare their items before hand ! I hope you'll help out , and spread this to your friends so that they can contribute too :>
What is Project : Share the LOVE ?
The name was suggested by Piccolo Volpino . It's a small project that will be initiated after I end my O levels this year . Basically , it's inspired by the fact that people ( especially in the blogshop industry ) have items / stock that they want to clear , but don't know how to . At the same time , people may want to do their part to contribute back to the society . Thus , I'll like to make this project slightly bigger , appealing to all the people in the blogshop industry .
How would Project : Share the LOVE help society ?
ALL the items donated to this project will be collected , categorised & given to the organisations in Singapore that are in need of these items . For items that can't be cleared , they will be placed online in my Facebook to be given away to the general public .
How can I help Project : Share the LOVE ?
As much as I would like to help them financially , I will NOT be accepting any cash donations for them . However , you can Google their website and contact them personally for cash donations . Under Project : Share the LOVE , I'll be collecting donations-in-kind . I'll like to appeal to you to share this blog post to people around you . If you're a blogshop owner / someone who has items to donate , please feel free to join me !
Alternatively , I would also need people to help me in the following :
- 3 admins to take care of the other groups of people ( I'll be taking one group & choosing the other Admins )
- Helpers to collect the items & pass them to the admins / anything else the admins may need
What kind of items will be collected under Project : Share the LOVE ?
I don't want to focus on one particular group of people in the society , hence , I've decided to help the following groups of people who I feel that I can reach out better to . The items in each group are just examples . You can contact me in Facebook ( Gerwyn's Sevenths ) if you have items to donate that are not listed below .
Baby / Child : Diapers , Milk Powder , Clothes , Shoes , Toys , Educational Books
Teens : Clothes , Books
Elderly : Canned food , instant noodles , coffee powder , biscuits . 
Pets : Food ONLY
How do I pass the items that I want to donate for Project : Share the LOVE ?
When the time is nearer , I'll be getting some friends to help me do the collection . As my house has limited space as well , I may need some people to help me keep the items as well . I'll be getting help from people in all parts of Singapore , so that we can garner the help of Singapore as a whole . As there are 4 groups of people that I'll like to help , I'll probably need 3 other main admins to help me .
I decided to help Project : Share the LOVE , how do I tell you ?
If you've decided that you'll want to DONATE your items , please follow the steps below .
1) Sort the items into categories ( Baby/Child , Teens , Elderly , Pets ) and pack them into plastic bags .
2) Ensure that all food items & products ( if any ) have NOT expired .
3) Submit the following format to me in FACEBOOK , please fill this in & PM me .
Real Name :
Contact Number :
Residential Area ( nearest MRT ) :
Category ( which group of people does your items go to ) :
Description ( generally describe the items eg. Clothes ) :
Comments / Remarks ( if any ) : 

If you've decided that you'll want to HELP ME in Project : Share the LOVE , please fill in the following and submit to me in FACEBOOK via PM :
Real Name :
Contact Number :
Residential Area ( nearest MRT ) :
Position ( Admin / Helper ) :
Do note that it's preferably that you'll be having your holidays between November ~ February / March ( basically , maybe Secondary 4 students that are going for Polytechnic ) so that there is enough time to do everything properly for this project to be a success .
Who will benefit from Project : Share the LOVE ?
I will be contacting various organisations from today onwards , and I'll update the details of these beneficiaries . However , do rest assured that I will not be getting any benefit from this .
I have questions to ask , how do I contact you ?
Although I've allowed comments in this blog , I've been having Anonymous comments to undergo moderation . Thus , please send me a PM on FACEBOOK at!/Jena.Hate.You . As I'm looking to make this into a successful project , please DO NOT ask me silly / random / obvious questions .
I've sent in my PM to you , what do I do now ?
For people who wants to donate , I'll get back to you soon ! Please kindly help me to set aside the items you'll like to donate , and also ensure that they are in good condition , clean & have NOT expired . For people who wants to help me out , I'll get back to you soon too ! Please note that I'll be appointing admins based on my decision , and please don't get mad at me if you're not one ! I'll be getting help from all over Singapore , so I'll need co-operative helpers & admins .
I'm a blogshop owner , can I donate my stock to you ?
As long as they are on the lists above , I wouldn't mind !
Thank you for taking the time to read through this post , I hope that I'll hear from you soon !

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