Thursday, 5 September 2013

Giving Back #2 - Do Good SG

Giving Back #2
Do Good SG
So , I have a week off next week ; and I've been looking for jobs .
That didn't work very well , so I went on to look for volunteer opportunities .
I stumbled upon this website , which looks so cool .
Thus , I decided to find out more .
Have you ever wanted to do your part for the community , but you're worried about the people out there that may scam your money / earn commissions from you ?
Perhaps this is the website for you !
Basically , it encourages you to do simple kind acts as pledges .
When you've completed a certain number of pledges , they will donate CASH to Community Chest .
Moreover , when you completed 100 deeds , they will donate $1000 to a cause that YOU choose .
Other than making someone's day , you get to do your part for charity too .
Why not give it a try ?
There are 30 good deeds that have been registered already , and a small column whereby you can create your own deeds .
In order to ensure that nobody does this for the sake of doing it , there are compulsory reviews of the good deed that you've done & you can only record each good deed once a day .
Also , I hope whoever that is willing to contribute to this initiative would have integrity as well , DO NOT pledge for things you didn't / can't do .

There are no friends registered as this account I made was self-registered instead of tying to my Facebook account . If the deeds pledged by Singapore is true , I really wish everyone would do their part .

So , where do you start ? . You can connect with your Facebook to help raise awareness ; but please do not take it as a chance to brag ! Join me alright ?

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