Friday, 27 September 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #30 - If the world ended .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #30
If the world ended .
Have you ever wondered ..
What if the world ended in 2012 ?
I would have wasted my whole life in school .
I would have died alone because my boyfriend wasn't by my side .
I would have died thinking I studied for nothing .
I wouldn't have to go through O Levels .
I wouldn't be able to get married .
I wouldn't be able to start Project : Share the LOVE .
I wouldn't have my prom date .
I wouldn't have the memories I have now .
Would you be happy with your life ?
Would you be upset that your life ended ?
Would you be scared at the time that you died ?
Would you be sad that you wouldn't know your future ?
Would you be glad that certain things wouldn't happen ?
Where would you be heading to ?
Where would your "afterlife" be ?
I admit that I'm timid .
I'm scared to see the world end .
I don't want to die in pain .

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