Friday, 27 September 2013

Mini Confessions #17 - Decisions x Fate .

Mini Confessions #17
Decisions x Fate .
Have you ever wondered whether there's a thing called fate ?
Or , how your decisions affected your life ?
Ever thought that they may be linked ?
I was thinking about this with my friend just now .
And , I decided to share my views with everyone here .
Reflect .
Think about the decisions in your life .
Maybe to start of , think about the major ones .
The primary school you chose .
The secondary school you chose .
The people you chose to be friends with .
The people you think are " bad " .
Let's say you went to Primary School A .
What if you went to Primary School B ?
You wouldn't have the same friends , teachers , peers .
Would you still be who you are ?
What if from there , you went to Seondary School B instead of A ?
Would things be the same ?
How about your results ?
Are you " classified " as a Geek?
How about .. Chic ?
Goth ? Brainiac ? Stylish ? Popular ? Outcast ?
Would life be different if you chose a different decision ?
Life is full of decisions .
These decisions shape your life .
Whether you like it or not , it's like a domino .
They fall one after another .
Event A -> Event B -> Event C and so on .
The people you chose to hang out with .
Do you remember how you met ?
Do you know everything about them ?
Did you choose to believe what people tell you ?
Life is full of decisions .
Life is full of " What If " .
Life is full of surprises .
Decision x Fate , think .
Why are you alive ?
Why are you born ?
I'm not asking you to question your parents why they had you .
I'm asking you to find the reason that you're living .
Once you do , live on .
If you feel that you're alive to change people's lives , do it .
Make the difference .

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