Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mini Confession #16 - Self Image .

Mini Confession #16
Self Image .
I admit that .. I'm very sensitive about my image .
Be it blogshop or self image .
I decided that I shouldn't pursue this matter anymore ; so I'll be blogging this in general .
All names involved will be replaced with initials .
Legend :
A - Seller .
B - My friend .
- PART 1 -
So , the story starts . I wanted to buy a top from A after viewing her sales album while I was looking for things to buy . So , after making payment on 30/8/2013 , I gave A my address .
On 3/9/2013 ( 4 days after I made payment ) , Tuesday , I've asked whether my item has been mailed . A said she would mail later on that day & she would show me the parcel picture .
On 6/9/2013 ( 7 days after I made payment ) , Friday , I've asked whether A has mailed as I didn't receive any parcel picture . A told me that she mailed on Tuesday & will show me my parcel picture AFTER editting .
On 8/9/2013 ( 9 days after I made payment ) , Sunday , I've asked why I have yet to receive the parcel picture as I didn't understand why is there a need to edit a parcel picture for customers . Also , I just wanted to clarify as I have yet to receive my parcel . After a while , I received the parcel picture .
The edited parcel picture is below . What I didn't understand was just ; why must a seller edit the parcel picture before sending to her customer ( I mean , if you need to post it to the public ; you can edit after you reassure your customer ? ) .. And also , why did it take 5 days for a parcel picture to be sent . I just felt insecure and wanted to clarify .
On 10/9/2013 ( 7 days after parcel was mailed ) , I was worried that my parcel would be lost as it's been a week . Moreover , there was only a photo proof given . Thus , I asked A to check that she has mailed it , just in case she left it at home and forgotten to mail it / it has been accidentally left out . A told me she remembered she mailed and her other customers has already received their items.
At night , I asked whether it would be possible for A to do a 50% refund to me if I don't receive the item by 17/9/2013 . I asked , " Hey babe, can I just ask.. I don't want to be unfair or anything, but is it okay with you to do a 50% refund if I don't receive the top by next Tuesday? ( 2 weeks after you mailed ) " . A replied " Hmm babe I mail ur parcel out le like that wont be fair to me leh TT " . Thus , I told her that it's alright .
- PART 2 -
I saw B posting a picture proof of payment to A for items . So , I asked B whether she had any successful deals with A before as I was still worried about my parcel . B told me that it was the first time she's dealing with A . B asked me why I asked her and I told her what happened . B then told me that A said she packed B's parcel but has yet to show her parcel picture . B then said that the picture proof was not clear .
B told me that A said she can't provide video proof for normal postage as she has too many parcels to mail . After which , B asked how much would registered postage be for her items ( 2 skirts ) . A told her $4.90 would be the cost for registered postage . This price was a little too much for 2 skirts to me & B .
Calculations :
Normal Postage for 2 skirts - $1.50 ( at the most )
Registered Postage - $2.24
The total would only be around $3.74 ; where did the other $1.16 go ?
After which , B asked me whether Singpost's registered parcels are all printed / they would write it . As my area only prints the tracking number & didn't encounter written ones before , I told her that it's mostly printed . Then , she showed me that A's tracking proof was written without the SG at the back ( normally would be RC______SG but there was only RC______ ) . Thus , B decided to post it out and asked for comments whether it was trustworthy for written tracking proof .
A saw the photo on her newsfeed and commented on it . A said that ( direct copy & paste ) "  babe just because of someone ( referring to me I suppose .. ) didnt receive her normal mail and the rest of my customer did receive their mail via " NORMAL MAIL". I even paid for you the reg fee first than you transfer back the remaining. You may go ahead and ask singpost if the slip is authentic anot.If you didnt receive your parcel I REFUND YOU FULLY. Dont assume just because pherhaps your friend lost mail or something and assume that im a scammer, if I am I wont even be replying you after you made just the $10 payment yesterday and I pay the reg fee for you today first and you pay me back ($6.90 remaining for the skirt and reg fee). Just to make this clear, as im not a bloody scammer.Thank you.


  1. Hii! :) so do u received your parcel?