Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Project : Share the LOVE - Labels & Organisations .

Project : Share the LOVE
Labels & Organisations .
I've decided to make a section just for the project .
I'll be updating the details regarding the project ; and you can see the progress of this project .
In order to make the items more presentable & better represent this project , I've placed orders for label stickers from Burntelbows Oh & bought plastics from SKP .
These labels & cards ( at the back ) are by Burntelbows Oh and they look so pretty . The one with bears are for the project ; while the other sheet is for my blogshop . For the cards , I'm planning to either slot them in mailboxes / give them to my customers . For the labels , they will be pasted on the individual plastics / items for the project .
Secondly , organisations . I know it would be pointless for this project if there are no organisations to help . Through the past 3 days , I've searched for organisations that we can help , and I've shortlisted the following :
1) Action for Singapore Dogs ( ASD )
2) Save our Street Dogs ( SOSD )
3) Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( SPCA )
4) Blessings in a Bag
5) Food Bank
6) Food from the Heart
7) Cotton Care
8) Salvation Army
I've contacted these organisations last night , still awaiting their reply . I've chosen these organisations as they are not really " well-known " in the sense that , people may not know about the existence of these organisations . For SPCA & Salvation Army , they are somewhat like a " back-up " in case of extra items that the other organisations would not accept .

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