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That's What She Said #2 - Teenage Life .

That's What She Said #2
Teenage Life .
 Watch this video . It's in Chinese , but I'll put the translation of the lyrics below .

Lyrics :
There's a high school student that jumped off a building , whose injuries can't be healed .
There's a father watching the news , blaming the student for what happened .
然後他對他兒子說 自殺是不孝的
He then told his son that suicide is not filial .
趕快去念書 還要靠你養的
Hurry up and go study , I'll still need to depend on you .
There's a principal that heard about the news of a student committing suicide .
馬上連絡電視台 請求不要公開學校的名字
He immediately called the media , pleaded them not to reveal the school's name .
有個網友看到這則新聞馬上 PO
An online citizen saw the news and uploaded it immediately .
Stories of teenagers trying to escape reality gets more and more .
有個路人 曾看到被毆打的死者
There's a passerby who once saw a person being beaten to death .
死者看著路人 路人只是看著死者
They both stared at each other .
有群記者 對死者的雙親窮追不捨
Reporters swarmed all over the deceased's parents .
問說「兒子死了 會不會覺得不捨」
They asked , " Is it a pity now that your son is dead ? "
而有個官員 則是把這件事當消遣
There's a guard that treats this as an amusement .
Because it helped to distract others from his own rumours .
Police found evidence of the deceased abusing cats at the crime scene .
It wrote " You'll have to use death as an apology . "
兇手不只一個 死者不只一個
There's more than one murderer .
There's more than one deceased .
被害的加害者 加害的被害者
The victimised bully , the bullied victim .
When did people start treating each other this way ?
受傷的人不只一個 傷害的人不只一個
There's more than one person hurt .
There's more than one person hurting .
有些傷看不見的 人如此彼此對待著
Those who has no physical scars continues to hurt others .

News of the deceased being bullied before death gets viral .
有個媽媽覺得無聊 就把報紙翻面
There's a mother who thinks it's boring , so she flipped the page over .
她小孩吵著要走 她叫他不要插嘴
Her child tries to get her to leave , she told him not to interrupt .
She then held his hand to the supermarket to cut queues .
There's a teenager watching his allowance being flushed away .
旁邊的同學圍著他 喊著「兇手」
The students surround him , shouting " Murderer " ,
He went home , seeing his Facebook being spammed by notifications .
People left comments saying " Hey ! You Murdererr ! "
His dad asked him why force his friend to the end .
He said he just couldn't bear to see animals being abused .
His dad said " It's alright , what's important is you get into college . "
That night , he stared at his wrist & took a knife .
A bunch of girls were laughing at a teenager that slit his wrist .
有一個說死了也好 長得很討厭
One said " It's good if he dies , since he looks disgusting . "
有名刑警 聽著她們對話打了冷顫
A police overheard them , and started to cold sweat .
他在想 這些人是沒殺人的殺人犯
He thought to himself , these are people who killed people with their words .


刑警前往禮堂 但步伐很勉強
The police went forward to the hall , but his footsteps were really heavy .
He was invited to do a speech about bullies in school .
身旁經過的學生 他們笑容洋溢
The students who understand how it feels , they were smiling widely .
他不確定 那是否只是種防禦
He wasn't sure whether that was a type of self-defence .
他想起自己的女兒 也正值這歲數
He remembered his daughter , who's also at this age .
And some passion ceased during this age .
他自認和女兒相處的很好 沒太多爭吵
He admitted his kinship was good , there wasn't much arguments .
But sometimes he's worried that he doesn't understand her .
There's a teacher complaining while he's bringing a student to the meeting room .
He felt that his patience is being tested .
The teacher interrogated him saying " There's only one culprit . "
刑警心想 錯 犯人不只一個
The police started thinking , " No , there's more than one culprit . "
Some fingerprints were not left ,
They weren't that lethal .
But the deceased didn't say anything
The case was thus closed .

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