Sunday, 8 September 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #24 - Night of Your Life

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #24
Night of Your Life
To me , Prom is something that I've been looking forward to since Primary 4 ..
But , I decided that I wouldn't go for prom .
Just a few days ago , I told my friends " it's PROM , how can I not go ? "
But now , I think that it's .. not longer worth it ?
- Reasons I WANTED to go for prom -
1) It's just somewhat like a girl's dream ?
Every girl wants to look their best at some point in their lives . And prom , it's just something that we've been seeing on television ; and wishing you were that girl who got swept away . I want to go to prom because I wanted that day to look my best ; who doesn't ?
2) It's the " graduation " before you leave your friends ..
It's the last day you can be with your friends in school , take photos together and be all .. party-like . It's also somewhat a celebration for everyone to finally relax after O Levels .
- Reasons I chose NOT TO go for prom -
1) Cost
For all the blogshops out there that are reading this ; you'll probably agree that the financial situation these days have been bad . Sales are going on , and empty wallets are everywhere . Same problem here . My school's prom costs $80 . Normally , it wouldn't be a problem as long as I save my allowance for 2 weeks . But , my family is somewhat sitting on the " wall of crisis " .. and due to personal reasons , I may not be able to afford it .
2) Friends ?
I'm not the kind of girl that has a specific clique that I belong in . In fact , I "float" around different people of different personalities . And , I hang with random people all the time . The arrangement would be 10 people to a table . How do you even choose which 10 out of so many people ? It's hard to make that decisions without hurting anyone .
3) People .
Another reason is .. my past still hurts today . 2 ~ 3 years ago , people were spreading rumours about me . Till this day , those people ARE still talking about me . Why go over there , and see people hang out and talk rumours about me ? I'd rather just use that $80 to hang out with my friends that wouldn't backstab me .
4) Worth
Is it really worth it to spend that much just for one night ? I mean , the booking itself is $80 . Then , you still have to buy your prom dress / bag / shoes / makeup / hair etc . For dresses , I've seen so many people buying at $200+ ; yet can't even clear them for $15 . Why make that loss ? Bags & shoes , just bought SPECIFICALLY for one night . After that , you would probably be unable to wear that out . Makeup & hair , maybe even mani/pedi ? All that money for a night ; and yet .. how many people would actually care ?
5) Themes
There is a theme for every annual prom . And , the theme is set AFTER payment is made . What's more ? No refunds can be made . So , the theme would be out on October 4th , and you'll have then till 18 November to get everything that you want to buy ready . The last O level paper is around 11 November ( in my case ) , so you'll have one week to shop IF you want to study hard for O levels . However , if you signed up for camps ( those that polytechnics organised ) , you'll be dead tired . For example , NP's RED camp is on 19th ~ 21st . Singapore Poly's Escapade is on 15th & 16th .
6) Another popularity contest ?
I DON'T want to go there , and then see all the " popular " people be like " OMG , that dress is so nice ; how much did you spend on it ? " etc . I don't want to be judge on how much my outfit is worth or why I didn't wear make-up etc .
In short , I don't see the point of wasting so much money . Looking beautiful ? You can do that everyday . Prom is a night where most people want to look their best . But , I see no point to go there and get upset because you're lonely / criticised . To be honest , my plans in life so far are going according to plan ; and thus .. I still have my own wedding day . Why go to prom .. and get so upset / annoyed by people you don't want to see ? I'd rather be beautiful on the wedding day , with the people that actually WANTS to have the best for you .



  1. I suggest you go for your prom after your tertiary education - that's when you are making your friends for life & will have a very meaningful experience . All the best for your O's!

  2. Whoever you are , thanks :)I'll see what happens then , nobody can tell the future .