Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #28 - Stronger .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #28
Stronger .
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger .
Maybe I bit more than I could chew  ; Life seems like a blur to me right now .
Yes , I'm not in some third-world country suffering with no food / shelter .
I'm not someone who lost my parents or anything .
But , I guess this is somewhat the problems of a first-world country ?

When you feel weak , be strong .
When you feel scared , be brave .
When you feel victorious , be humble .
That's the way , to be strong & victorious .

Don't let someone get you down .
Words can hurt , I know .
Don't let those words hurt you too deep .
Use them to push yourself harder to do even better .

Every morning , you'll probably laze around like me .
Saying " I can't get up . "

Find someone who inspires you .
Don't aspire to be like them .
Be inspired to do better than they do .
When things threaten to destroy you ,
give it the death stare .
" It's either you , or me " .
Don't let it be you .
Kill that problem , you'll survive .

There may be times where you'll think ..
I can't do it .
I'm not strong enough .
Challenge yourself everyday .

There are things in life ,
that may tend to get you in a dilemma .
Forget the choice that you want .
Choose the one that you deserve .
The irony of all these ..
I'm saying them , but I'm not putting words into action .
I'm crushed .
Tired .
Frustrated .
Stressed .
Defeated .
I promise I'll pull myself up from this bottomless pit .
Promise me that you'll keep hanging on too .


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