Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #25 - Life .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #25
Life .
This post is dedicated to all the teenagers out there in this generation .
Are you as tired of life as I am ?
Thinking what have you REALLY done to your life ?
Let me show you the things that have GONE WRONG in our generation .
Look around .
Social Media ?
Maybe things have " toned down " now , but can you really forget the things that our generation has done ?
How many of us are smoking right now ?
How many of us dropped out of school ?
How many of us are involved in gangs ?
How many of us are wishing we didn't have school , exams , tests ?
How many of us thought that this is the life we wanted ?

Tell me honestly , how many of us are actually " clean " ?
I mean , no " dirty " thoughts , no " indecent " behaviour ?
How many of us has NEVER insulted / criticised someone ?
How many of us can BALANCE social life & school ?
I'll tell you , we can't .
The people who score well are most likely people who don't socialise as much .
The people who socialise can't seem to score well .
So what , you have straight As but you can't make friends .
So what , you have good results but don't know how to communicate .
Why are we draining ourselves for results , when we ourselves KNOW they are not going to bring us anywhere ?
Because this is the LIFE we were TOLD TO LIVE .
Parents say " Make me proud , get good grades for a good school . Then only will you get a good job . "
Teachers say " That's not good enough . Why do you still not understand ? "
School say " Take exams , tests . Stress yourself up . You'll learn how to work under pressure ! "
Society say " You're useless without a degree . "
I'll tell you something .
I'm TIRED of hearing these .
I'm also striving to get As , and it's ridiculous because , that is the only way to be " ACCEPTED " into this society .
Recently , I saw this video on Facebook that was sort of trending .
It uncovered that side of me , where our brains ACTUALLY work .
Why I Hate School But Love Education - Sulibreezy
Think .
All our lives .
Why do we even study for ?
We FORGET the things we learn .
We MEMORISE for the sake of that exam / test .
We STUDY without knowing our PURPOSE .
What I'm just trying to say is .. I hope everyone in this generation can WAKE UP .
Listen to ourselves .
Smoking , gangs , other activities we SHOULDN'T be doing .
What are the REASONS ?
Can you HONESTLY tell me that they were NOT :
- Peer pressure ?
- Society ?
Please tell me why .
I think , that we resort to those activities because .. We don't understand life .
We want an escape .
I mean ..
Studies these days , have you realised how intense it has become ?
Maybe I'm a failure to you , but I'm tired of teachers saying ..
" You need to work harder , you have to . "
It just feels as though they think you didn't work hard enough .
BUT , you worked your ass off .
I'm NOT the only one who thinks ..
" If I study & I don't get good grades ; and even end up getting blamed for ' not working hard enough ' , why should I even bother to study since I get grades without studying ? "
I was in the MRT yesterday with my friend . We were thinking .
What if the poles of the MRT were cut ?
Can they even be cut ?
If they were cut , would the poles fall off / bend / retain its shape when someone uses it ?
You MAY know the answer . But I don't .
We tried to think off all the things we've learnt .
But , in actual fact , NOBODY TAUGHT US .
We were taught things like Pythagoras' Theorem , Properties of Circles , Trigonometry ..
Tell me , would you ONE DAY use Pythagoras' Theorem to find the height of an escalator ?
I think you'll say I'm crazy .
Nobody ever wants to calculate that .
UNLESS you're an engineer .
But tell me , how many of us wants to be an engineer ?
Why can't we learn the things that we are INTERESTED in , or maybe PURSUING A CAREER in ?
I mean , most of the things we learn are JUST FOR EXAMS .
I'd rather we get to learn things that would HELP US IN LIFE .
I'm ranting a lot here , because I can't take this life much longer .
Money and grades , we're all working for these materialistic things .
People say Singaporeans should be happy .
But , we're NOT .
Simply because ..
We're studying for the sake of grades .
We get grades for the sake of work .
We work for the sake of money .
We get money for the sake of living .
All our lives .
We would just be EARNING TO KEEP US ALIVE .
This is NOT the life I want .
I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate - Sulibreezy
I see YOUNG KIDS learning so much .
Musical instruments , abacus , dance lessons , singing lessons .
KIDS just want their childhood .
Why are they learning so much ?
To get ahead of others in society .
I have some health problems , caused by the stress we're facing .
That's the scary thing about society .
They affect you without you knowing it .
If you still don't know , I have bipolar ( also known as MANIC DEPRESSION ) .
Let's keep the rest of my health problems out .
But bipolar is scary .
Because I didn't know I had it as it's so similar to regular PMS .
If you've skipped the videos above , VIEW IT .
Listen to what he's saying .
This problem is no longer a national problem .
It's a GLOBAL problem .
There are things that I didn't type out ; because the videos said it all .
I'm NOT telling you to give up on studies .
I'm NOT telling you to drop out of school .
Just remember that life is NOT based on results / your salary .

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