Friday, 27 September 2013

Inspire Me #4 - Curtis Stone

Inspire Me #4
Curtis Stone .

The main reason that I'm blogging about him is because I feel that he has a quality that we should all have .. being humble .

Who is Curtis Stone ?
Long story short , he is an Australian celebrity chef that has starred in many TV shows & has many culinary awards .

Why should he be the " role model " for being humble ?
Although Curtis has many culinary awards , he doesn't show-off or be over-proud ( is there such a word ? ) about it . He doesn't brag or act super surprised about it . He has TV shows such as " Take Home Chef " where he offers to cook for ordinary people & their families . I mean , he's like a .. " Top Chef " but he doesn't do anything to piss anyone off . He accepts his awards humble-ly ( again , is this a word ? ) .

This will be a short blog post , but what I'm just trying to say .. Don't brag because you do well in something . Don't be overly-dramatic and do things like " OMG , I THOUGHT I'LL FAIL . " etc . I used to do things like " OMG , I DIDN'T STUDY . " but now I realised it's really irritating . So , let's make the world a better place by being humble :3

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