Sunday, 22 September 2013

Project : Share the LOVE - Items Update #1

Project : Share the LOVE
Items Update #1
Two blogshop owners passed me their items for Project : Share the LOVE .
I'm really grateful for them in taking the time to pack the items ( or squeeze >< ) into plastic bags :)
So , Project : Share the LOVE officially starts in Mid November ; but I've collected from them now as they were doing " Spring Cleaning " and wanted to clear the items ASAP .

From Owner A , above
( Prefers to be anonymous )

From friends of Owner B , above

Items have been packed into 4 bags . I'm waiting for MORE apparels to come in before I wash them all as a whole . After wash , they will then be packed into individual plastics .
As for now , I'm only having responses for clothes . If possible , I'll like to appeal to everyone reading this for items such as pet food & food items .
Food Bank has replied me ; and they would be joining in as well . Thus , I'll appreciate it a lot if you can donate some non-perishable food items :)

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