Friday, 6 September 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #23 - Gerwyn's Love Plate

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #23
Gerwyn's Love Plate
Love Plate is just a meal that I've planned for my boyfriend , as part of his birthday this year . Yesterday , I turned my plans into action & I was proud of myself ( even though it didn't turn out the way I wanted ) ><
So .. This was the planned menu . In words .

Pink Menu ; teeheeee .
So , I started the day by settling the preparations for item 1 ; Bacon-wrapped Cheese Sausages .
Bought the cheese sausages & bacon from NTUC , and started to put them together using toothpicks ~
It tasted awesome please .
So much more worth than the one from Korean Stall :X

Next , sushi rolls ! I decided to use crab meat & cucumber . My boyfriend is a carnivore ; so crab meat suits his liking . Then , cucumbers are just like to give the crunch & get him to eat some vegetables ~ :X

Rice that TheFlying Pony gave to me for free :>
Regretted putting too little rice vinegar , only had a little fragrance .
This is how you do it . Wahaha . Gerwyn Style .

1st one made ! So cute , although it failed a little .

Nobody's perfect ; in different shapes & sizes !
So , after preparing the sushi ; I decided to mold the eggs ! I've bought the egg molds from BZMOMMY ; and they are so mad cute !
The bunny one looked better ><
There are no photos for the rest of the items as they were prepared last minute ( my boyfriend wanted me to fetch him from Yewtee = no time to prepare ) , and I didn't managed to take the photos !
Anyways , I boiled the chicken & cheese tofu . Also , the cheese sausages were done under Happy Call ! So .. the final product .
I'm proud of myself , even though it doesn't look the way I planned ><
I didn't forget about prawn dumplings ! They were steamed while we were enjoying this meal ..

Bought from NTUC , OOPS .

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