Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Mini Confession #15 - Shop till you DROP .

Mini Confession #15
Shop till you DROP .
Today is the last day of Written Prelim !
So , being the girl I am ; it's time to party ~
After History today , I went home to shower .
Then , changed and made my way to Jurong East MRT to meet my friend at 11.30am :)
We were at two different ends of the MRT , and walked our way to the middle :P
Anyways , we then went to Orchard MRT to meet BZMOMMY , which I bought molds from !

Picture was taken on the spot ><
Those are actually egg molds , imagine cute bunny & bear eggs XD
I'll try to do that for my " Love Plate " this Friday , promise I will blog :P
Anyways , we then went to Cineleisure to look for Manhattan Fish Market ..
Which we foolishly realise there isn't :X
So , we stopped by Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe instead ^^
So , for the first time ; I didn't regret what I ordered !
Even though my friend had to wait about 20 minutes for her Bamboo Rice to arrive , the food that I had was worth it :X
The peach tea has actual peach inside ; which was fresh & refreshing :>
Chicken Chop & Fries - $9.90
Iced Peach Tea - $4.90
We then rushed to watch The Purge at the Cathay cinema .
OMG , I must stop watching these movies with my friend ; before my heart flies out .
Mind you , I'm a timid girl ><
Covered my eyes for most of the movie , but it's still a great movie !
Student Price ; $7 !
Didn't manage to get free drink :(
So .. after that , we decided to go to Jurong Point .
Wanted to go for fish spa , but ended up the shop was renovating .
Hence , we went to Bakerzin for desserts !
I had my Chocolate Souffle ( craving satisfied ! ) and my friend had Creme Brulee ~
Saw Souffle on Masterchef , and I wanted to try it .. So I gave the baker a test :P
Was happy to see my souffle rising really high up , the ice cream was superb too !
After a seemingly long day , I went to NTUC before going home .
For Friday's " Love Plate " , I've spent $21 at NTUC for ingredients T.T
In case you're wondering what's a Love Plate , it's my way of saying ..
Love Bento in a Plate ~
Menu will NOT be exposed , but in this pic :
Cucumbers , Cheese Toufu , Crab Meat , Cheese Sausage , Streaky Bacon , Blueberries , Seaweed & Sprite !
I'm too tired now ; thanks for reading ><

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