Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mini Confession #14 - Last Day of August !

Mini Confession #14
Last Day of August !
So .. Yesterday was 31st August , the last day of August .
Also , it was a great day for many people ; including me !
So , what happened ?
Well . For starters , I had an AWESOME OOTD .
F21 Rose Tank : From Little Pretty Daisy
Black Acidwashed Highwaist : From Remix Loots
Okay so , I went for my "normal" meetups yesterday ..
Then , I realised ; it wasn't a normal day AT ALL .
For the past few days , I've been hard on myself because of exams .
And I've posted my frustrations on Facebook , I DID NOT expect anything but just a place to rant .
However , some of my dearest babes surprised me yesterday >< Firstly , my super-sweet customer ( also selling items herself ) , Ming Hui , gave these to me ! I swear , it was a HUGE bag .. And there are so many things inside ! OMG , I cried yesterday T.T

Her items were really nice , and if you're reading this .. I have to say a big THANK YOU ! However , most of the items were not really what I can wear ( in terms of size / style etc ) ; so I decided to give them to some of my friends that would treasure them as much as I do .. But , I kept the eraser , polkadot hairband , tube dress & the small little note with the keychains :)

After which , I met with my dearest Palette Colours ! She told me previously that she had some things to give me , and they were really adorable too XD

Then , I waited for Piccolo Volpino to pass me my skater dress ; while I passed her the eyeshadow palette I promised for my giveaway ^^ She gave me free lip tattoo and armcandy as a gift ~ Then , I met Lovely Item's helper at Yishun MRT ! Received my items from both of them XD

So .. I went to buy myself a cup of Starbucks :>
White Chocolate Mocha Frappucino ><

Other than all the beloved gifts from people , I had quite a lot of loots this weekend ><
Firstly , Burntelbows Oh's temporary tattoos ! I'm getting these from her because they are ohsopretty . Also , I wanna do an advertorial for her :P She also has $5 sales going on for apparels ; help her to clear alright ? Tumblr-inspired tattoos are so chio , you sure you don't want to order them ? The photos below can be better seen here !

PS : The rates has been changed to USD by the supplier , these are imported .
Hence , do double-confirm with her for the rates alright !
Then , I've gotten a few pretty loots as well !

Pink Laced Crop , $15 from Wild Daisy

Black Corset Top , $11 from Ethereal Thorn

Black Studded Wedges , $13 from Emilyxy Berries
Cotton On Bottle , $6.50 from Cosmic Sparkles
Studded 3-way Bag , $18 from Gunsanddaisies Blogshop
Detox Prunes ( will be selling at $15 / box of 10 ! )
Previously was sold at $10 / box of 6 = $1.67 per piece
Now it's $15 / box of 10 = $1.50 per piece !

2D Minion , from Lovely Items
( Buy a minion tee and get this cutiepie for free ! )
Captain America Plush , $9.90 from Gift A Name
Teddybear Plush , $8.90 from Comics Connection
I've made a video for my boyfriend's birthday using cardstock that I've gotten from Popular .. OMG , $4.50 for 13 pieces of paper . How could paper cost that much .. So , I went over at night which I reached around 9pm ; and I wasn't feeling really well . My boyfriend gave me a cup of warm water and he was exploring my phone while I was resting >< He stumbled upon it , so I let him watch it :/
Anyways , the video can't be uploaded here .. so you would have to look at my facebook page ( Gerwyn's Sevenths ) if you want to look at it ><
Also , in case anyone wants to make this for your friend / teachers / boyfriend / girlfriend etc , here is the link where I got the inspiration :)
Thanks for reading ! Do support the babes above :]

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