Friday, 16 August 2013

Mini Confession #12 - Stumble and Fall .

Mini Confession #12
Stumble and Fall .
Have you ever felt like you stumbled in life ?
Feel as though you were about to fall with every step you take ?
I've been stumbling so much that I fell .. down the rabbit hole .
I felt really upset with myself for various reasons . In fact , I've broken down quite a few times this week . On Wednesday , I got frustrated with myself because I couldn't do my POA questions & I teared up . Today , I got frustrated at myself trying to push myself way too hard & ended up crying .
Life these days scare me .
Yes , I set time aside to blog ; and many would disapprove of me doing this .
However , I don't want to be an " All work , No play " girl .
Even if you disagree with what I am doing now , I still need someone to listen ; someone who cares .
Yes , I have no idea how many people reads this . But , at least it's like my personal diary ; where I can rant out and relieve stress .
I enjoy blogging . And I'm not going to stop .
I feel like I'm falling , day by day .
I can't seem to control my feelings .
I can't seem to get myself up .
I can't do things that I want to .
I need to get back up , I need to find that strength back .

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