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Eat Me #1 - Salad with a Twist .

Eat Me #1
Salad with a Twist .
In this section , I'll be doing some " food tutorials " ; but simple ones ! It's been a long time since I last made anything really good , bear with me !
For this post , I'll be doing some salad with a twist . Well , normally you have fruit / vegetable / caesar etcetc salad ; where it comes with a WHOLE LOT of greens in it , and sometimes it gets frustrating to eat them .
However , for this salad ; I'm just adding random things I can find in my fridge into a salad bowl . Note : The photo above is done on 4th August , and the photo below is what I'll be doing today !

Ingredients you'll need :
6 Shiitake Mushrooms
3 Medium-sized Potatoes
2 Eggs
1 Chicken Breast ( get an adult to help you remove the skin )
Utensils you'll need :
3 knifes ( this is to ensure the knifes aren't contaminated )
2 small pots ( to boil the ingredients , ensure that one of them can fit your chicken breast ! )
1 fork ( to test whether the chicken & potatoes are boiled , and to shred the chicken )
1 spoon ( to assist in shredding the chicken )
1 fruit skin peeler ( to skin the potatoes )
Individual bowls ( to place your ingredients in , so that they do not mix )
Instructions :
1) Peel the skin off the potatoes and cut them into small chunks .
2) Pour the potatoes into Pot A and fill the water just enough to submerge all the potatoes , put it to a boil .
3) After roughly 10 minutes , use the fork to poke the potatoes . If the fork passes through with ease , take the potatoes out and put them into bowl A .

EGGS ( while waiting for potatoes to boil )
1) Place the eggs with tap water ( just enough to submerge the eggs ) into Pot B .
2) Let it boil , and then wait 10 ~ 15 minutes to ensure it's completely cooked through .
3) Remove the shells and let it cool before cutting into slices .
4) Put this into bowl B .
MUSHROOM ( do this the last as the mushrooms take little time )
1) Wash the mushrooms and slice them into small pieces .
2) Put them in Pot B after the eggs are done .
3) Fill the pot up with HOT water just enough to submerge the mushrooms .
4) Let it boil for around 3 minutes to ensure the " sand " of the mushrooms are fully removed .
5) Add this into bowl B .

CHICKEN ( remember to leave the chicken in a plastic bag , and put the plastic bag into a bowl filled with water before you start anything ; so that it has time to defrost )
1) Take the chicken breast out of the plastic bag into Pot A , after the potatoes are done .
2) Fill the pot with tap water until it submerges the chicken .
3) Let it boil slowly for 10 ~ 15 minutes .
4) Use the fork to poke a small piece of the chicken out . If the insides are fully cooked ( the meat would turn white ) and the bones look cooked ( the soft bones will turn translucent and the hard bone should NOT have any red / bloody colour ) , remove the chicken .
5) Put the chicken in a bowl and start tearing the chicken meat out using the fork and spoon .
6) Put this into bowl C .
1) Pour all the ingredients into a big bowl .
2) Add in any desired sauces and mix .
3) Enjoy !
1) ALWAYS change the water used to boil the ingredients before you start boiling another .
2) Remember to submerge the chicken ( keep the chicken in a plastic bag , DO NOT let water seep into the plastic bag ) before you start anything .
3) As the ingredients take different times to boil , start by potatoes -> chicken -> eggs -> mushrooms.
4) By boiling everything , you make it a healthier meal so you can splurge a LITTLE more on sauces .
5) This is just the recipe of one type ; you can mix and match anything you like ! For example , you can add in prawns , tomatoes , cucumbers , peas .. anything !
The photo above is from 4th August , where I did similar things with frozen corn ( less troublesome than corn-on-a-cob ) , chicken ham , potatoes and eggs .
If you like sauces but don't want anything heavy / fatty , you can try the following sauces that I added .
1) Japanese Soy Sesame Seasoning
This is bought by my mum , I forgot where >< But , it tastes really nice and has that tangy taste ! Really good for people who likes that little kick ~
2) Ajinomoto Mayonnaise
Also a product of Japan , it tastes nicer than normal Mayos . What's so good ? You can just put this on normal bread and it tastes amazing too !
This is how they look like ; or rather .. after you ate 98% of them ><
I hope this helps somehow !

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