Thursday, 22 August 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #19 - Complacency ?

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #19
Complacency ?
What's being complacent ?

Are human beings complacent ?
Let's not target at any country / group of people . In general , are we considered complacent ? In my opinion , I feel that we are . I shall tie this topic with the " take-things-for-granted " side of human beings as well .
I'm sure I'm not the only one who realises this , but human beings take things for granted . I'm not an expert in the world situations , so I'll just use Singapore as an example .
How is Singapore complacent ?
Let me repeat , I'm NOT trying to offend anyone .
1. Weather
Singapore's weather has basically " 4 seasons " : Hot , Hotter , Hottest , Raining .
When the recent haze came , almost everyone ( including me , I admit alright ! ) was getting paranoid . Some were criticising Indonesia for causing the haze , others were being "happy" and praying that school would be postponed / cancelled . Don't say that I'm a pot calling the kettle black ( WOW ) , I admit doing that too .
When the sudden hailstones appeared , we were shocked and wondering where it came from . Also , there was even a video going around based on an extract of the news report .

2. Singapore's location
Maybe you've learnt somewhere in History / Social Studies , Singapore is a strategic place on Earth ; in the sense that we are almost " immune " to natural disasters .
When the flood in Orchard came about , some were worried about the damages to their shops ; others were shocked at a flood in Singapore . How about those major floods in other countries ? Damages worth millions maybe ? How about the lives lost ?
When the mini " earthquakes " came from other countries , we were worried about it . Also , we were blowing a small matter big .

3. Education
I'm guilty of being complacent for our education . We complain about the homework we have , and limited choices we have . In actual fact , we have quite a lot of choices in Singapore as well as going abroad . We also have many choices of tertiary education . In some other countries , there are children / teenagers like us ; that deserve education but aren't able to afford it .
4. Living & Sanitary Conditions
The cleanliness of our Singapore , have we been taken it for granted ? Anyways , we may sometimes complain that some public toilets are unsanitary , and some public places are full of litter . Who is responsible for that ? It's not like some random country flew above us and threw all the litter down . Fellow Singaporeans are responsible for it . Even so , people working CWO / cleaners we have are keeping Singapore clean ; we're also considered the Garden City . So , why must we complain ?
There are so many other things , but I shall not make this post too long . Do you get my point ? At times , we may think life is so bad here ; but in actual fact , we're not that bad ourselves . Why are we so unhappy ? Are we really that bad off , or are we
just being complacent ?

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