Saturday, 10 August 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #17 - Confusing Life .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #17
Confusing Life .

Have you ever wondered about the things you're studying ?
How it ever makes sense in life ?
And how , people ask you general knowledge questions .. and all you ever say is " I didn't learn that . " ?
I'll be blogging about some things we NEVER SEEM to use in life .. and also , about some things that we're supposed to know ; but we don't . This post is STRICTLY MY OPINION , and not meant to offend anyone .
Firstly , the TOP 3 things we never seem to use ..
1) Algebra
Have you ever literally used algebra in your life ? I mean , taking a piece of paper ; listing the X and Y , finding the coefficients of them in order to solve a daily problem ? I know , teachers have used some worksheets to prove the usefulness of algebra ; but , even when some of us stare at those worksheets ; we'll be like " Why would anyone buy 150 oranges with 20 dollars and figure out how many sweets they can buy ? "
2) Graphs
Maybe we'll use those bar graphs / pie charts .. But how many would use these graphs ? Or those equations that we memorise ? All we memorise , unless we're aiming to be engineers , are just going to that few marks in the examinations .. then POOF ! You'll learn it for nothing .

3) Trigonometry
Other than being a math teacher / engineer / mathematician .. Why would we use these complicated equations ? I mean , you memorise the TOA , CAH , SOH ; and all the complicated things .. and then what ? Where would you go from there ? The following photo is the integration of some trigonometric functions .

Secondly , what are we supposed to know .. but we don't ?
Let me ask some questions , and see how many do you actually know the answer to ..
1) Who is Singapore's Prime Minister ?
2) Why don't woodpeckers have a headache after pecking on wood all day long ?
3) How many times does our heart beat everyday ?
4) What is Betty Boop's original hair colour ?
5) What did the witch want from The Little Mermaid in exchange for legs ?
6) Cocacola was originally used as a cough medicine , what was its original colour ?
7) How many trees are needed to make a piece of paper ?
8) What is a polar bear's fur colour ?
9) How to you massage your eyebrows in order to get rid of a headache ?
I've been asked many general knowledge questions , even questions on Singapore .. but , I don't know any of the answers . Singapore's history ? No clue either .
Why is it that we learn Northern Ireland , Korea , Japan and other countries' history ? But , we have no clue about Singapore's history ? Why is it that we are never thought any of these things ; but we are taught about Hitler and Stalin .. and face challenges in life that .. all we ever do is curl up in bed and don't know how to solve ?
I don't understand . I'm not sure how people adapt . And yet , we are able to live day by day , not knowing how to solve many daily challenges .

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