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Through Gerwyn's Eyes #21 - Hey Acne !

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #21
Hey Acne !
So .. A little background story for this post ~
One fine day , I saw a friend of mine ( Tiny Raindrops ) looking for an extractor for acne problems .. OOPS >< So , I shared some of the acne solutions that I know to her ; and she told me that I should share it publicly so that others can know them too . So , here it is :)

Therefore , this post would be on MY opinions on acne solutions . Since it's from my experience & what I've known and researched ; it is up to you whether you want to try it out . Also , different skin conditions have different needs ; so do not take this as a professional advice !
This is something I found on Yahoo , that worked for me ~
Things you need :
- Cotton Balls / Cotton Puffs
- Salt
- Lukewarm Water
- Clean Cup
- Honey

What to do :
1) Pour the WARM WATER into the CLEAN CUP .
2) Add SALT into the WATER ( Probably 5 spoons , you have to saturate the water with salt as it is aids in bacteria-killing ) .
3) Using the COTTON BALLS , soak it into the WARM SALT SOLUTION for 1 minute .
4) Take the COTTON BALLS out and press it down on the area you just popped / troubled acne for 3 MINUTES ( it should be warm and feel stingy as the salt is killing the bacteria ).
5) After that , use 2 CLEAN COTTON BALLS on both side of the troubled acne and push them together to flatten it .
6) Repeat for all troubled acne .
7) To complete it , use the HONEY to apply on the spots that you've popped ( you can use your CLEAN HANDS / COTTON BUD ) ; keep it on for around 20 MINUTES then wash away .
1) DO NOT touch your face with your hands , always use a tissue / handkerchief .
2) DO NOT leave your hair down , it may cover up the acne when you go out ; but it will not help it to recover .
3) For acne scars , you can use a SLICE OF LEMON and rub it gently over the scarred areas to lighten the pigmentation caused .
4) Wash your face with cleanser / toner / lotion every morning and night ; if you feel like you have to wash it in the afternoon , just wash using water . Applying too much products / washing for too many times may do more harm than good .
5) Instead of using oil blotting paper , use a tissue to gently tap on your face . DO NOT rub it across your face ( in fact , don't ever dry your face by rubbing across ) as it may spread the dust / germs to other acne areas . The reason for not using blotting paper is they may not suit your skin type / they may be dirty themselves .
6) Drink loads of water , and have fresh fruit and vegetables to help detox your body as well as to improve skin conditions .
7) By living healthily away from oily food , fried food , fast food etc ; you're saving your skin too ~
8) I try to use tissue whenever I can instead of using a towel to clean my face after a shower / freshening up . Towels have the bacteria of your "clean" body and the "clean" air around you , and some towels have fibres that may drop off as well .
9) CLEAN ICE CUBES may work too ; never use those from coffeeshops ( you never know where the water is from ) and maybe those at home ( if you suspect it's contaminated by poultry )
10) SLEEP is important too ! Your body needs to recharge itself , and while you're resting ; your body is actually repairing itself ~
11) Cut down on your STRESS ; I know it's hard , but relax yourself . Buy something you like , go sightseeing , eat something indulging ..
- SLEEP is important .
- Cut down on your STRESS levels .
- Have a HEALTHY diet .
- Drink about 1L ~ 2L of PLAIN WATER a day to help detox .


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