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Through Gerwyn's Eyes #18 - Education Systems .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #18
Education Systems .
Have you ever thought that Singapore's education system may be a little harsh on us ?
Maybe , it's time to think again .
The following content is NOT meant to offend anyone and DOES NOT represent the views of Singaporeans regarding education systems .
In this post , I'll be sharing viewpoints on the education systems of Singapore , China and Finland .
School starts with Nursery & Kindergarten , which is before Primary School .
In Nursery & Kindergarten , we learn the basic things in life like .. 1 + 1 = 2 . And , we also learn about colours , basic skills using computers as well as life skills like how to interact and make friends .
In Primary School , we start learning about Mother Tongue , English , Math & Science . We learn about things like the human body and plant systems . We also do things such as Physical Education so that we could keep ourselves fit . Then , at Primary 6 ( Primary School consists of 6 years ) , we would take a national examination known as the Primary Six Leaving Examination ( PSLE ) . With the aggregrate score of our PSLE results , we would then decide on a Secondary School ( similar to High School ) .
In Secondary School , we learn many different subjects from the 4 basic subjects in Primary School to 7~9 subjects in Secondary School . These subject includes Literature , Social Studies , History , E Mathematics , A Mathematics , Principle of Accounts ( POA ) , Biology , Chemistry , Physics and Geography . At Secondary 4 ( 16 years old ) , we will have another national examination known as Ordinary ( O ) Levels / Normal ( N ) Levels . The results we get are categorised into L1R4 ( 1 Language & 4 Relevant ) and L1R5 ( 1 Language & 5 Revelant ) . With these results , we are able to see how we are coping against the whole cohort . With L1R4 , we are able to see which courses we can go to for Polytechnic ; and with L1R5 , we are able to see which Junior College we would be able to go to for tertiary education .
In Tertiary Education , we would further our studies . After which , we were able to choose whether we want to go to the working world ; or further study in Universities and get degrees .
Finland's education system is actually the inspiration for this post .
The reason ? It's at the better end .
In Singapore , we start Nursery at age 4 .
We buy uniforms .
We have school fees and examinations , we even have class tests .
We are sometimes "stereotyped" by people and teachers according to our ability .
We greet teachers by Miss , Mdm , Mrs or Mr .
We have a tonload of homework , and never have enough sleep .
Why must I list all of that down ? Here is a small peek at Finland's education system .
They have ..
No uniforms .
No school fees .
No examinations .
No tests .
No discrimination .
No greetings ( they greet their teachers by name ) .
And homework is kept within 30 minutes a night .
I do not really understand much about Finland's education system , but I guess this is the " better " end of the world's education systems .
For starters , students spend long hours in school & parenting in China is really strict .
How different is it ?
4 YEAR OLDS have to stay in school for about 8 hours . I mean , where were you when you're 4 ?
For their secondary school , it doesn't differ much with Singapore's . Singapore student stay in school for 8 ~ 10 hours ; while China students can stay up to 12 hours in school & do up to 4 hours of homework at home . WOW .
The students in China take their studies seriously .. Simply because , they cherish it . NOT everyone in China gets an opportunity to go to school , sad to say . I mean , I think that every child deserves the right to learn .
I'm getting really tired blogging about this :X So sorry , haven't typed this long in ages . Therefore , I'll be separating the next time that I plan to blog about into a separate post ! Thanks for reading if you still are ~

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