Thursday, 8 August 2013

Mini Confession #11 - Gerwyn doesn't exist here .

Mini Confession #11
Gerwyn doesn't exist here .
I admit that .. Gerwyn is not my real name .
Be it in my Facebook account or on this blog , I've been using the name " Gerwyn " .
However , my real name is NOT Gerwyn .
Why did I try to hide my real name ?
I'm not very sure either , I just thought that Gerwyn sounded nicer somehow .
In fact , I have people that disliked me ( when I use my real name ) ; but treats me really well when I'm known as Gerwyn . Wow ? Just because they saw and heard rumours about me .. But after they known me for who I am , they were friends with me .
Where did the name Gerwyn come from ?
I was just trying different combinations of alphabets together , and Gerwyn sounded nice to me .
So .. What's your real name ?
My real name is Jena . Full name as Jena Lim Xiang Ying .
Please note that even though I revealed this , I would still be using Gerwyn around . Thus , you can call me by both names :)

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